Sunday, April 09, 2006

Racism part three

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been extra busy this week.
The ground that this man was laying on was dried lumps of clay, about as big as my fist. He was face down, and I couldn’t see his hands. I noticed that he had no socks on, and one shoe was missing. I didn’t go any closer then about five feet for safety reasons.
I called out to him several times, and finally saw some movement in the leg without a shoe. At that point I walked back to the shop where my manager met me. I told him that the man was alive but I had no more info. At that time we saw the man move to a slight sitting position, and begin to shake an aerosol can. He then proceeded to huff the contents of the can, and then collapse again. We then called 911 and they sent the police, and an ambulance to cart him off. On another occasion I witnessed a Black woman give a Black gang-banger a blowjob for less then a dollar to complete the purchase of a large beer. On yet another occasion a homeless Black man was found dead on a bench at the side of the road. All of this happens within a block or two of a major university, and just a few blocks from the state house grounds, and oh yeah, the buss station. In the news this past week I heard Jessie Jackson talking about protecting Barry Bonds from a steroid investigation. It would seem the Rainbow Push coalition can’t find a way to help these people, but don’t let whitey come after Mr Bonds. With Barry’s money he can defend himself! With a little less child support money going to your former secretary, Jessie you too might be able to help. I’ve a friend that lives in the park. His name is Thomas; at least that is what he told me. He has problems with addiction, and lives off the generosity of others including me. I witnessed him give a one-dollar donation to the Red Cross after 911. Adds new meaning to the words give till it hurts. He is the one that had the muslim wife that died in a diabetic coma. I couldn’t be there all the time, and I guess they don’t feed people at the mosque a couple of blocks away. They leave that to the Christians, and the Salvation Army. Am I a racist? Thomas doesn’t think so. He called me a decent and kind man. I am however a realist, that realizes that certain parts of society have vast ills that are brought on by themselves. Every time I look upon a person of color, I think of the impact their culture has had upon my life. An example. My daughter was attacked and beaten by a Black girl on the way home from school one day. This girl came up behind her, and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and then repeatedly kicked her about the face. The result was a torn retina, and major eye surgery. The reason? Another girl told this one that my kid called her a bitch. She later recanted her story, saying she had no part in it. The attacker finally stated she just didn’t like white kids. I have many more examples like that. Do I hate black people? No of course not! I do however profile based on the many experiences I’ve had. Continued

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