Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cooper Dog

Hey all, I've been busy babysitting Cooper. We came home from shopping Monday, and found him with a massive wound to his neck. He now has stitches half way around his neck, and more inside. Sometimes I wish he would have fewer adventures.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone. For those that are of another faith, Happy what ever! For those without a faith, you are beyond any help we can give! Peace y'all!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Been to ITM lately? The noise from all the talking heads is deafening. I’ve never seen so many that were absolutely right about everything. I’m beginning to think that some of them are paid by the word, and if you can’t spit out at least five paragraphs of thought then you are a dumb ass. Lots of folks are ignoring the simplicity of all that is going on.
On September 11 we were attacked by an idea. This idea was created by one man and is ensnaring the whole human race. The driving force behind all of this is power over others, mainly women. Think of the idea as a computer virus, it’s only job is to replicate, and spread. The solution? Ah that is where all the noise is coming from. Most people that have studied history, and war, understand that a certain amount of loss brings about peace. I’ve heard the number to be about ten percent. The use of terror is a way to frighten us into submission with less then ten percent loss. Even the most diehard terrorist can’t really believe they can kill twenty five million Americans in one lifetime. Mr. Bush is able to achieve ten percent and higher loss to the virus, but with massive collateral damage. The virus is spread through human contact in mosques and madrases. There are many antibiotics to slow or stop the virus. Some of these are books, the study of any non-religious topic, other religions, and sex before death, if you’re a young person. We have chosen freedom as our antibiotic of choice. It is a slow acting poison to the virus, and if administered in time, always cures. The problem with freedom is that it must be administered often, over a long period of time. If you stop then you have to start over again, against an even stronger virus. If the virus gets too strong, the antibiotic may have to be of the ten percent or more lose type. There is at present no way to see into the future, and know the outcome. This will be ten years or more down the road, but when you look at signs, look at all of them.