Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stupid spots

Anyone notice those dumb white ovals folks have in their cars? You know the ones. Stuff like OBX for outer banks. I hate them. I want one that says SWO for stupid white oval. I saw one that was even worse today. It was a blue spot on a red background. Said I'm a bright blue spot in a very red state. Huh? Well then someone doesn't belong, right? Kinda like when I go into a new bar and can't see the people til someone cracks a joke. Hmm guess I might wanna leave. I digress. There is nothing about you that makes me think you're bright, Mr blue spot! I think you might be rather dull in fact. I wonder how far one can center one of those with a .300, or an ought6? Might make a great contest one day. To hell with Turkey shoots, lets use those blue spots. For the record I think they originated in Dick Hater Georgia, aka Decatur.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Jesse's Page

The first time I met Jesse he tossed a food bowl at me. I came to learn that he was a sentient being with a sharp mind. I remember teaching him about mailboxes. We have a rural box that must have looked for all the world like it could eat a horse. I learned not to do just anything while leading the horse. After a bit he could open the box and check for mail. He was tied to the trailer on the side with the tack room one day. He opened a tool type box and got into some horse

cookies. Through another lid as I remember. Jesse liked gates. He could open them or jump them. Didn't seem to matter which.

I watched as he begun to get ill, a droopy lip and an eye that he had trouble closing. Thought he had a stroke or nerve damage from the hoof of another. I watched as my wife worried and fretted over him, unsure what to do. He went to the university of Georgia twice, only to find nothing. He was having trouble eating, maybe losing some of his feeling in his tongue. Dropping more of his food. I watched my wife wrestle with the decision of when to put a friend and companion down. This happened on Monday of thanksgiving week. I then watched her question her decision. What made her think she was god?

The preliminary report was a tumor on the brain stem. He was glad he didn't have to suffer that to the end.

I've often wondered about the bond between these women and their horses. I always thought it was a control issue, and nothing more. I have come to understand that the horses are really giving a gift.

PS. Thanks to those that helped her through a tough time, and thanks Whit for sharing your wisdom.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Pic is of the Mackinaw Bridge, taken from the St Ignace side.
Yeah I know it's been a long time. Lots of things going on in my world, and not much of it good. Reese the Doberman has been diagnosed with

Melanoma. She had surgery to remove it, and will have another to get a better margin. Jesse the Horse seems to have a tumor hiding somewhere. Not sure but have ruled everything else out. Not sure how much time he has. Measuring in months, not years. I need more dental surgery. Remains to be seen how much.

I see that the young girl run down by her Father has died. We need to bring back hanging. The Imam that was killed by the FBI had a great turnout at his funeral. Dearborn Michigan should be the next front in the war against radical islam. Might have to give Dcat her due on this one. She doesn't see any muslims as non-radical. The funeral would suggest she is right. Ever wonder what it's like to be Poland? Russia practising war games of a nuclear variety at them. Obama, you are either the dumbest son of a bitch on the planet, or the evilest. Things are tightening up around here for the rest of us that ducked the first round of recession. Don'tcha wonder where this is going.... Put em all in bread lines to quell dissent. That works well in the cities, but not here in Red Neck Holler. Ammo is still scarce here.

Monday, October 05, 2009

What next

Pic is of Lake superior from the catwalk of Crisp Point lighthouse. Anyone see Pelosi crying that there will be blood? Nothing gets past her does it? I was following the story about two Black boys that beat an autistic white kid on a bus in St Louis. Thugs at 14 and 15 but not charged as adults, and no hate crime! In my world you'd be in chains working a field til you got the message. So the arabs and the commies are going to ditch the dollar. So what? Ditch their products. Had it up to my eyes with the lot of them, and I'll quit my job to make some American made TV or such. I'd do it for less money just to take my shot at em. I saw some wind turbines in the last week. Didn't think they ruined the skyline where I was. Looked like God providing as he promised. I wonder when they will try to take our guns? I wonder if that is where it starts. I read that El Baradai (sp) thinks that a nuke armed Israel is the biggest threat to peace. Is he fucking kidding me? The stupid have truly out bread us, and we are doomed to a colossal fight. A friend told me the other day, "I'm scared, but excited". I'm neither. I'm angry that my quiet life has to be disrupted by liberal thinking dumb asses. Seek God in the quiet places that you can hear him. Seek God in the noisy places that you may know his authority.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I will never forget, nor will I ever forgive the actions of that day.
I will always remember where I was and how I first heard. I will remember the confusion that I felt. The not knowing what to do where to go, what the hell was going on. I will always remember the helpless feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I will always remember the calm voice of my Boss, Bob Andrews on that day. Loose quote "People need us. They need to see us doing what we always do, as though nothing is wrong, even though we know its bad. Listen to the news away from the people. It seems like our world is coming to an end. We will show them it isn't."
I will always remember the anger.
I will say my prayers for the souls of the dead, and one for me that I may one day be rid of this poison islam has put in my soul.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Twas the night before football and all through the house, every ones a fan unless you're a louse.
Go Cocks, and on Sat, Go Blue!
Got some good news this past week. It turns out that my friend Keith is not dead! He is alive and still fighting. It was great to sit and have drinks with him again, even if he was drinking tea. More soon, but time is still as Hootie says punishing me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Letter to Ted Kennedy

Dear Ted.
You have proven that the good die young. I'm kinda surprised that you didn't live to be a million. Even you couldn't survive your lifestyle. Was Mary Jo still pissed at you for killing her? I wonder why God sets scum like you live so well. I doubt you ever had to work for a meal, and I have but one regret where you are concerned. I wish I had been given the chance to give you the finger. I think it's going to be a bit warm for you, and you will be very busy, so I'll close in saying...... F.O.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I did it again

So I'm on the tool truck today, and Woody, the prop asks me if I know Keith, from my area.
Yes I say, we drink together, and enjoy a bit of Cheers like camraderie.
Seems Keith has died. I knew he was very sick. He told me when he was diagnosed with cancer. He didn't stand a chance. I had the chance to know him better, but didn't take the time. I thought about all I knew about him, and it was scant. He came out of Ohio, by way of Virginia. We both did the same thing. He for Car Max. He was a damn good mechanic. I would know. He was a better human being. This too, I would know. He worked mere blocks from me, and we sometimes ate at the same bar for lunch. We always spoke, always chatted. Hell, I knew where he lived, but we didn't hang. After finding out about his diagnosis, I meant to leave him with my number so as to help if I could. I didn't and now I can't. Rest in peace my friend.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stimulus Package

So we seem to have lost our way. We can't seem to tell what is and what isn't a stimulus package. Let me help. Tom and Gisele Brady seem to have all the bases covered. My wife and I agree.
Moving on to Cash for Clunkers..... Not so much.
I have wanted to get my wife to swap her old car. (a 15 year old Acura with 270,000 miles on it) Cash for Clunkers would seem to be the tipping point. 4500 bucks for a new car. I'd buy a GM cause I get them at employee price. Turns out, the old Integra, with all its leaks and faults doesn't qualify. It gets too good MPG. Gotta be 18 or less. I thought the idea was to move cars, American cars. Nope! The idea seems to be to get the poor a new car partly on my dime. Meanwhile I wait for better times. Hmmm. So I guess it was about global warming? Nope. Total emissions savings are about one hour a year. This is before we take into count the cost of recycling these old cars. So who won in this deal? Not Me! Not you either unless you had an old car that qualified. Not GM or Chrysler, most folks bought Japan or Korea. Yeah we wanted to stimulate the Koreans? While Gisele might stimulate me, I have no idea what stimulus the Clunkers program is, and to whom. Can't wait for Universal Health care so I can try to see a doctor for this stimulus headache!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whats new

Couple of quick updates. My back has now had two very good days in a row. Guess the shot worked. I had an appointment in Atlanta for my eye. We discussed the fact that I don't think I see as well as I should. Doc agreed, and ran another test showing inflammation in my eye still. I then received a steroid shot in the eye, and some drops. Yes I said in the eye! No it didn't hurt but was awful anyway.
So I guess Obama, and the Cop and the Prof are getting together for a beer. If I'm that Cop there is just no way I'm there. There is no good reason! Gates should have shut the hell up and let the man leave. Nothing pisses me off more then some black guy calling me a racist. Damn if I'll drink a beer with him!
Time for a bit of a story.
I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. I am the only son of an auto worker. My earliest memories are of living in a house on what at that time was Logan Street. There was an old shack next to our house. It was empty. We rented our house from a black woman named Brown. Dad worked Concrete construction at that time. Pumped gas in the winter. Whatever he could do to keep me and four half siblings fed. Mom stayed at home. The house we lived in was just a shack in it's own right. It was heated with a fuel oil stove in the dining room. We didn't have shit. The yard was large, so we had a big garden to grow veggies, and Mom made the bread we ate. All of that is gone now, replaced by big apartment buildings. Ohh and a historical marker. It marks the boyhood home of one Malcolm Little! You might know him as Malcolm X. The road is no longer Logan Street. It is Martin Luther King JR boulevard.
I remember when the black community rose up and demanded that the street be changed. Didn't give a damn about all the money it would cost to businesses and the town it self.
At that time in the center of town, the road was divided with several acres in the middle that was just open land in the ghetto. The city offered to build a memorial park on this land instead. A place where their children could play, safe from the traffic and gangs of the neighborhood. The idea was rejected by the black community in favor of the name change.
I remember reading that Malcolm, just before he died spent some time in Africa. He found
white people working hard for no money to improve the lot of black people they didn't know. That was the bone he was chewing on when he died. Mr Gates, that white man was trying to protect your house from an unknown threat. While SGT Crowley is free to do as he wishes, I don't drink with assholes, and you sir are an asshole.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Hits

So for those that know, Ive suffered a pinched nerve in my back. Had an MRI this morning and will get a shot on Thursday. Hope back to work on Monday, God willing and the river don't rise. We lost some celebs. I'll comment on only two.
Farrah. She was the most beautiful woman of her age. I must have been the only kid I knew that didn't have her poster on my wall. (Didn't do posters)
Michael.........Even you, will I say a prayer for.
It seems Obama can't figure out what to call Putin. Called him the president three times. Someone near to me thinks it was done on purpose. I just think he's a dumb ass.
Palin quiting. I think she should have told Letterman he was a "fucking dirt bag" before leaving. Then we have Levi popping off like he knows something about anything at his age. Shut up boy, the adults are talking. She shouldn't run for president. I still contend that if McCain had picked Mitt we wouldn't have lost.
Please God, keep Obama safe, cause Joe will hurt himself or worse and we'd have Pelosi. I might have to leave then.
For those that think I'm a warmonger, "Butt licking only makes you a Butt licker that needs a mint". It doesn't bring peace, or safety.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Independence Day

In the last post I asked you a question. I thank those of you that took the time to answer.
On this day, the fourth, I will give you my answer and my thoughts on the future.
North Korea. I would tell the Chinese that there will be no more orders for televisions, cars, toothpaste, etc etc until they get a handle on North Korea, and Human Rights in Beijing. I would drop the first missile as it left the peninsula, and then call China.
As my daughter was graduating from boot camp I had the chance to meet an extra ordinary woman in Chicago doing a show with Diane from Canada. She wanted her home back and used art to make her point. Ms Hashemi, I hope your parrot is dead.
Barack missed an opportunity this past week to strike a blow for those fighting for their country in Iran. He should have called a spade a spade, and sent the Navy to provoke the Iranian Military into a fight! Two reasons. One, to pull pressure off of those protesters in the streets, and two to stop the flow of arms to Iraq, and elsewhere. Challenge the straights of Hormuz. Give the people a chance to win a fight. Escalation? Not!
I spoke to a seal that was there ten years ago. He told me of bringing a man home for burial. We have been at war a long time.
Tonight I was reminded that many in our military are there just because it is a job. This is no different then it was in the days of Col Sam Huston, and before. Did George Washington have the full faith and support of everyone? No! He made do with what he had. He crossed the Delaware with what he had. A bunch of losers and nut jobs that didn't know the meaning of defeat! I'm going to make my noise and sing my songs. I'm going to fly my flag. You can join me, or you can kiss my ass. It really is that damn simple.

People, remember, The cream always rises to the top.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What would you do?

It is reported that North Korea will launch a missile on or about the 4Th of July. It may be aimed at the Hawaiian islands. Is it a ploy for food? What would you do? Before? After? Shoot it down? Where? Before or after Japan?
Second Question set. What should our response be to the events in Iran?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stones two

Whit asks "Where are you going with that brick?" Indeed I'm not sure. At least one of my readers is having a bit of a time right now, and I hope to be of some help. I would throw money but that would be another stone.....;) (also don't have any)
Yes we could throw the damn thing, but I'm old and my arm doesn't work anymore. What we need is a destination. A place to want to be. Not with friends or family, just a place for you. This is a place of the mind. A place of peace. It's a place to set the bag down and rest. How do I get there? By watching your stones. Only carry your own. Know the difference between yours and someone Else's. It is my belief that, as Don says "someone can take one of yours away."
Best way to do that is to help a stranger, or just do something uncommonly nice to someone not expecting it. Some call it paying it forward. An example that I like to use is to pay the meal for the person in the car behind me at the fast food place. I'm prone to let you out in traffic if I can. Whit rescues puppies from the highway, and befriends northern boys. Shows a kind soul. I believe that there is someone up above. I hear all the time from those that say they don't believe in such things. Maybe for a time they do believe that. Nobody always believes that. Everyone that you meet has some impact on your life. I know without a doubt that I've had a very bad impact on some lives, and would wish never again that effect. I may never know the impact of the good that I do, but it removes a stone or two along the way from more then one bag. My own rules are simple.
Don't throw stones.
Don't catch stones.
Rules for someone throwing stones at you.
If their aim is bad, ignore them.
If they hit you then kick their ass. ;)

Friday, June 05, 2009


I wonder if you know about Stones.
Each one of us (though we don't know about it) carries a bag upon our backs. This bag is full of stones. Some large and some small, but all counting toward the weight of the bag. This bag is our burden through out life. some folks have a great burden and some seem to have none.
The truth is that the burdens (stones) that we carry are of our own choosing.
As we go through out this trip we meet people that travel on the same road we do. They don't have the same destination as we. They are going places that have nothing to do with us or where we are. Much less where we are going.
As we go, we gather stones. The stones become too great to carry alone so we share them. This isn't in the form of, "Hey help me carry these!" It's in the form of "let me slip just one of these into his/her bag. They won't notice. What one doesn't know is that you can't just get rid of stones that way. Yes you add to the bag of someone else but you don't lessen the burden of your own bag. What you do is to invite someone else to walk the same road that you walk. That is the magic of stones.
One of the things that I've noticed is that people seem to forget that they are a part of everyone else around them.
Don't get it? Think of the people that you interact with every day.
That guy that cut you off on the way to work today. How long did you cuss him, or think about him?
That guy was Me, or someone like me, that didn't take the time to notice you, as an individual.
I slipped up and put a stone in your bag. Continued.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

I got to thinking about my family,and all that served our country. Most of them ar gone to their final reward.
My Grandfather, William John, WW1. A Cook.
His sons.
Dewey, USN Sea Bee. Under water demolitions. WW2.
Edward, USMC, Iwo Jima. WW2. He said the fighting was so fierce that you couldn't take the time to crap.
William T, my father. 11Th Airborne. Korea. Three purple hearts.
Leonard, Army.
Two grandsons from his daughters.
Wayne W, Army, Viet Nam.
Jim K, USN, Marine barracks, Lebanon.
Great grandchildren.
Jen, my niece. USN.
Ruth, my daughter. USN.
These are just the ones I know about. Too many cousins to keep tract of.
We have been blessed that none fell on the field of battle, though I think Wayne died of cancer at 28 due to Agent Orange. Just my guess though.
I think of some of my friends. Rusty, USN Viet Nam. I think he was on the Midway, but not sure. He told me that on the last day the choppers were coming so fast that they barely had time to throw them overboard before the next landed.
Jeff, Air Force. Desert Storm 1. He said the sun was blocked out from the smoke. A scene from Dante's inferno.
Some families lost so much and need our prayers.
On Monday, I will grill some meat, and spend a quiet day with loved ones, and say a prayer for those that serve and have served.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too Much?

Anyone catch the bit done by Wanda Sykes the other night? Wonder if she even listened to Rush Limbaugh. If so then surely not with an open mind. Wishing his kidneys would fail is over the top. I would remind her that there are a lot of folks that think she and her far left cronies need an Oak Tree and rope. Why can't Obama try and be just a bit presidential? He likes rolling around in the mud with the classless, and cheats of the world. Next He will appoint Ward Churchill Sec of Education.
My mind drifts to Kwame Kilpatrick and the mess he left Detroit in. Why can't we see some real leadership out of the Black community? All of this crap should make me angry, but all I am is tired. It's gonna be a huge job fixing this mess when he is done.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boat Two

A before and after pic of my boat. Am going to live with the wrong carpet. Next time I'll use someone with a storefront. I put it together from memory.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I don't have a million dollar view, or do I? I took this pic when I couldn't see. Glad the camera could.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Boat

So whats been keeping me? I can have a story a day easy. Here's one.
I am the owner of a JC Pontoon boat. The Cadillac of the fleet. Over the past nine years it has served as my outdoor living room, and Sunday morning breakfast nook. I like to read the paper on it and listen to the wildlife in the AM. Time took it's toll on the seats and carpet, rendering it un-usable this year. I sent it out to be reupholstered this winter. It didn't happen. The man I sent it to didn't do any work for a couple of months. After bugging him a bunch I got carpet, and my seats done. I found a stranger doing my seats one day. He did a good job but, the boat was never put together. I then learned that the man doing the job was a drug user that didn't pay his help or anyone else. It was about this time that I found the law was protecting the guilty. I couldn't go and get my stuff. Not in the building, or on the property it was on. The man had a record of pointing a fire arm, and other nasty deeds. My neighbor finally got a time set to meet this man and get my stuff. To be last Saturday. Sat morning I get a phone call from the ICU saying "I can't make our meeting cause I got inna bad wreck." Are you hurt? "I got some stuff busted inside. I'm bleeding." I got his partner to get my stuff for me. I then gave him, at his hospital bed some cash to help with his bond. I paid his Uncle a bit for the work he did, even though it was wrong. I'm tearing it back apart to redo the bit of work that was done. I payed the man that sewed My seats, the money this man owed him. That man then made my Bimini Top for me. I am now putting my boat together a bit at a time each night after work. Sorry to be away so much but this is the first new thing I've ever owned, and it's special to me. I'll show pics when I can get the high speed connect.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lets fire Rick Wagoner

Lets fire Rick Wagoner. We can do that because we own the company, right? Uhh don't think so. I might own stock in GM, but Barack doesn't! I don't get to fire him either. I'm not an elected member of the board.
Why would I fire a guy that for the last five or six years has done all he can to make GM a profitable company? What did he do wrong?
He was too slow and methodical, and didn't get enough out of the unions. Thirty two years with the company. Thirty two years putting GM first. Walking away when it would help his company survive to fight another day. It isn't about money this time folks, It's about thirty two years. It's about the cars. It's about a legacy! It's about putting your name up there with Ransom, and Harley, and Arkus, and yes even DeLorean. It's about the cars. It's about the people like my Dad, who put thirty years of his own into the cars.
The company was streamline and ready to make money until this latest mess. Thanks Enron, AIG, Banking industry. It's about America! You don't have the right to pick a head of a private company! We don't do that here!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


So Mrs. C and I got invited to a horse race last weekend. We usually have front row spots at the Carolina Cup races this weekend, but gave them up. The cost of the race in Camden was too much.

The race in Elloree though is much cheaper, though more redneck. I'm losing my hair again. Didn't know until I got a sunburn from the races. In the pic look at the black cloud above the mans head. It was a flock of birds that jumped out of a pine tree. for a brief moment they were in the shape of a whirlwind.

Got to see the Budweiser Clydesdale's too! Don't forget to click the pic for full size.
More later.

Monday, March 16, 2009


So we went to Atlanta for a checkup. I'm healing. Will be a year before I know what I have.
I wanted to see Underground Atlanta. Wont bother you with the details. "It's a mall!"
Went out to find the info center, and ran into a homeless man. He was an old Black man with the best shtick. We (wife and I) were wearing Michigan hoodies for luck. (selection Saturday)
He stopped us and asked us if we had been to the ACC Championship. He began to tell us of the nearby sights and things. He told us of the things to avoid as well. Told us of a new coke product that should have "bones and a skull on the label." I found him to be a bunch of fun, with good info to boot. At the end he asked if I could spare some change. I told him I'd get him a meal, and handed him a ten. He told me that he could get a couple of meals easy on that! He then asked God to bless us, then shook my hand and left. Atlanta should hire him. He knew everything about what was going on and how to get there from where he was. I hope he was out of the rain last night.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Loose thoughts and demons an such

I was reading that Obama is willing to take missile defence off the table in exchange for Russian help with Iran. North Korea is going to test a new missile that can reach the west coast. HUH?
I was reading a story about John C Odom. He was a minor league pitcher that was traded for ten Maple bats. He ended his life full of drugs and alcohol. Not sure if he meant to or not, but he had his demons. It would seem they drug him off. I am Catholic, so to me the fight isn't over. I'll say a prayer or two at least for his soul. Feel free to pitch in if you will. (no pun intended)
We all have our demons, some more real then others. Some of our own making and some not. I have fought most of my demons and if not won, at least have them locked up out of sight. I'll share one with you that I still carry. I hope to put him down but he isn't heavy enough yet. When I was a kid I got picked on a lot. Got beaten by total strangers in school just because they could.It's easy to whip a small four eyed kid. Problem is, He remembers. He remembers every taunt, fist, prank, and slight. At forty six, he still hates you. Always will. I remember the time I finally got enough skill to win. The poor sap owes his life to the friends of mine that pulled me off. Funny I don't hate him anymore. The rest of them are safe, I did lock him up remember, but I hear him now and again, snorting and shuffling along nearby. I think Odoms demon was too strong and he didn't have the help he needed. Traded for ten bats. Somebody ought to kick those GMs asses. I have friends that have demons that are chasing them all over the place. A few of them I love with all my heart, but am powerless to help. Tonight's message is this. "Life is a contact sport. Try to remember that all of us have bruises, and to lend a hand when you can."

Monday, February 09, 2009

Common Ground

So I spent the weekend trying to be a community organizer. It gave me new respect for Barack. It's hard to sit and talk about issues with people that don't have the same values and concerns as you. Common ground. Is there really any? Not much that I could find. A friend was trying to explain institutional racism to me. She quoted a letter to the editor in our local paper written by a black woman. This writer spoke of growing up black and having to always be aware of what size handbag she carried when going into a store. My friend told me that as a white woman, she had never had to think about it. Lucky her. I know my wife has thought about it. A couple of weeks ago we were in Atlanta for one of my eye appointments. A neighbor recommended a restaurant. Parking was bad, forcing us to a parking garage. We had to walk through Saks Fifth Avenue to get to and from. Coming from, we had a large bag containing desert for later that night. When we passed through Saks, a large black man in a suit walked over to us and looked into our bag, then walked away. He was doing his job. We and a young black couple pushing a baby stroller then got into the elevator and left.
I was reading Leonard Pitts the other day. He was ranting about the death of a young girl. She was caught in the crossfire. It seems they named a park after her. They should have named a jail instead. Then filled it with her killers. Leonard called the black community weak for not having seen anything. I wrote him and told him it wasn't weakness it was stupidity. It is my opinion that black people are raised up to fail by their own people. The ones that don't accept this teaching, or are taught to expect success for their hard work are the ones that succeed.
What about discrimination? Does it exist? Yes. It exists in all forms toward all people. I myself was turned down for a promotion once because of my eyesight. I was not hired at other places for the same reasons, and told these things to my face. What did I do? I kept knocking on doors til someone answered. I went to school and got good grades. I learned to outwork the competition.
Should Sherondric be judged the same as Jim? You bet! Is he? Likely not. When I named my children I remember thinking about what effect their names might have on them. Ruth was almost something else for fear that it might make her a target. It is stupid to name your kid something that will be a strike against them from the start. We all know about the baby Adolph Hitler Campbell.
Do people discriminate when hiring? Absolutely. Can you overcome it? Absolutely. Find someone that wants your talent. My wife hired the best person for the job when she needed someone. This included a black woman, and an Asian man. Business wants people that can do the job, not people that look like me. Will racism ever go away?
Don't axe me, cause fo shizzle I don't know.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Update on my eye. I'm healing. Hope to go back to work after next week.
Point of view on the Cal octuplets mother. It's a vagina, not a clown car! For gods sake take her uterus.
Pov Obama and his cabinet picks. Mrs and I aren't qualified due to the timely payment of our taxes. Do any of those people do the right thing?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Had my one week postop today. I have a possible complication. There was some excess bleeding, which was difficult to pinpoint due to the gas bubble in my eye. It is believed to be just a minor concern at this time. My vision is down to large objects, with contrast, but expected to clear within the coming week. The blood is expected to settle and not be a problem. I want to thank everyone for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers, as they sustain me. On a final note, our daughter is home and I would like to thank those whose concerns were with mine (that be you, John). Once again, thanks to Mrs. C for typing this.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where have I been?

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have had an eye issue come up. This issue required urgent surgery this past Friday to repair a torn retina. The docs think they fixed it. It will be a couple of weeks before I know what I have. Hopefully, we will be back to our regularly scheduled show at that time. Thanks to Mrs. C for typing this for me. See ya soon. Tom