Monday, June 22, 2009

What would you do?

It is reported that North Korea will launch a missile on or about the 4Th of July. It may be aimed at the Hawaiian islands. Is it a ploy for food? What would you do? Before? After? Shoot it down? Where? Before or after Japan?
Second Question set. What should our response be to the events in Iran?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stones two

Whit asks "Where are you going with that brick?" Indeed I'm not sure. At least one of my readers is having a bit of a time right now, and I hope to be of some help. I would throw money but that would be another stone.....;) (also don't have any)
Yes we could throw the damn thing, but I'm old and my arm doesn't work anymore. What we need is a destination. A place to want to be. Not with friends or family, just a place for you. This is a place of the mind. A place of peace. It's a place to set the bag down and rest. How do I get there? By watching your stones. Only carry your own. Know the difference between yours and someone Else's. It is my belief that, as Don says "someone can take one of yours away."
Best way to do that is to help a stranger, or just do something uncommonly nice to someone not expecting it. Some call it paying it forward. An example that I like to use is to pay the meal for the person in the car behind me at the fast food place. I'm prone to let you out in traffic if I can. Whit rescues puppies from the highway, and befriends northern boys. Shows a kind soul. I believe that there is someone up above. I hear all the time from those that say they don't believe in such things. Maybe for a time they do believe that. Nobody always believes that. Everyone that you meet has some impact on your life. I know without a doubt that I've had a very bad impact on some lives, and would wish never again that effect. I may never know the impact of the good that I do, but it removes a stone or two along the way from more then one bag. My own rules are simple.
Don't throw stones.
Don't catch stones.
Rules for someone throwing stones at you.
If their aim is bad, ignore them.
If they hit you then kick their ass. ;)

Friday, June 05, 2009


I wonder if you know about Stones.
Each one of us (though we don't know about it) carries a bag upon our backs. This bag is full of stones. Some large and some small, but all counting toward the weight of the bag. This bag is our burden through out life. some folks have a great burden and some seem to have none.
The truth is that the burdens (stones) that we carry are of our own choosing.
As we go through out this trip we meet people that travel on the same road we do. They don't have the same destination as we. They are going places that have nothing to do with us or where we are. Much less where we are going.
As we go, we gather stones. The stones become too great to carry alone so we share them. This isn't in the form of, "Hey help me carry these!" It's in the form of "let me slip just one of these into his/her bag. They won't notice. What one doesn't know is that you can't just get rid of stones that way. Yes you add to the bag of someone else but you don't lessen the burden of your own bag. What you do is to invite someone else to walk the same road that you walk. That is the magic of stones.
One of the things that I've noticed is that people seem to forget that they are a part of everyone else around them.
Don't get it? Think of the people that you interact with every day.
That guy that cut you off on the way to work today. How long did you cuss him, or think about him?
That guy was Me, or someone like me, that didn't take the time to notice you, as an individual.
I slipped up and put a stone in your bag. Continued.....