Friday, June 05, 2009


I wonder if you know about Stones.
Each one of us (though we don't know about it) carries a bag upon our backs. This bag is full of stones. Some large and some small, but all counting toward the weight of the bag. This bag is our burden through out life. some folks have a great burden and some seem to have none.
The truth is that the burdens (stones) that we carry are of our own choosing.
As we go through out this trip we meet people that travel on the same road we do. They don't have the same destination as we. They are going places that have nothing to do with us or where we are. Much less where we are going.
As we go, we gather stones. The stones become too great to carry alone so we share them. This isn't in the form of, "Hey help me carry these!" It's in the form of "let me slip just one of these into his/her bag. They won't notice. What one doesn't know is that you can't just get rid of stones that way. Yes you add to the bag of someone else but you don't lessen the burden of your own bag. What you do is to invite someone else to walk the same road that you walk. That is the magic of stones.
One of the things that I've noticed is that people seem to forget that they are a part of everyone else around them.
Don't get it? Think of the people that you interact with every day.
That guy that cut you off on the way to work today. How long did you cuss him, or think about him?
That guy was Me, or someone like me, that didn't take the time to notice you, as an individual.
I slipped up and put a stone in your bag. Continued.....

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