Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cooper Dog

Hey all, I've been busy babysitting Cooper. We came home from shopping Monday, and found him with a massive wound to his neck. He now has stitches half way around his neck, and more inside. Sometimes I wish he would have fewer adventures.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone. For those that are of another faith, Happy what ever! For those without a faith, you are beyond any help we can give! Peace y'all!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Been to ITM lately? The noise from all the talking heads is deafening. I’ve never seen so many that were absolutely right about everything. I’m beginning to think that some of them are paid by the word, and if you can’t spit out at least five paragraphs of thought then you are a dumb ass. Lots of folks are ignoring the simplicity of all that is going on.
On September 11 we were attacked by an idea. This idea was created by one man and is ensnaring the whole human race. The driving force behind all of this is power over others, mainly women. Think of the idea as a computer virus, it’s only job is to replicate, and spread. The solution? Ah that is where all the noise is coming from. Most people that have studied history, and war, understand that a certain amount of loss brings about peace. I’ve heard the number to be about ten percent. The use of terror is a way to frighten us into submission with less then ten percent loss. Even the most diehard terrorist can’t really believe they can kill twenty five million Americans in one lifetime. Mr. Bush is able to achieve ten percent and higher loss to the virus, but with massive collateral damage. The virus is spread through human contact in mosques and madrases. There are many antibiotics to slow or stop the virus. Some of these are books, the study of any non-religious topic, other religions, and sex before death, if you’re a young person. We have chosen freedom as our antibiotic of choice. It is a slow acting poison to the virus, and if administered in time, always cures. The problem with freedom is that it must be administered often, over a long period of time. If you stop then you have to start over again, against an even stronger virus. If the virus gets too strong, the antibiotic may have to be of the ten percent or more lose type. There is at present no way to see into the future, and know the outcome. This will be ten years or more down the road, but when you look at signs, look at all of them.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

E.T. And Me

Did I really see that thing on the news about the former defense minister of Canada wanting to defend et from us? I wasn't paying that much attention, and must be hearing things. I saw no mention of it on Search AFD and didn't want to offend by asking. If I really heard that, then it is more than mosquitoes that are bigger in Canada. That moonbat is going to require more then a tennis racket!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Hey all!
Hope your t day was as good as mine. I grilled the turkey with charcoal and lots of hickory. I've never had it so good! The maple syrup brine worked well, and the maple red eye gravy was great. Mrs. C made and apple pie, and pumpkin ice cream for dessert. I got the recipe here, in case anyone cares to play with food.

Monday, November 21, 2005

T day

Lots to be thankful for this year. Lets make a list in the comments section. I'm grilling the bird on the grill with hickory for flavor. Plenty for all!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bullies part two

I remember one of you mentioned the bully that talks behind everyone's back. I have now finished my tour of duty in Batesburg as a mechanic. It is time to get back to the big city, and finish my career. I worked for a small mom and pop outfit that sold tires and some mechanical services. Mom wasn't around much but had a big reputation in town as being mean and tough. Pop was a very gruff old man that drove his people with fear and a loud voice. Son was in charge one day a week and a manager the rest. The employee before me was a coke head that did very fast work, though not necessarily correct. They loved him. I came along, and wasn't as fast though still beating the book times that given our industry's pay. Old man came out and told me that he didn't think I knew what I was doing one day. I was taking to long to align a car. I offered him my wrench. He declined. One week the son asked me to drive a car and give an opinion. I drove the car, and couldn't make up my mind if there was a problem or not. He asked and I hemmed and hawwed. He accused me of being a smart mouth and threatened to send me home. I explained that I didn't deserve that treatment. He then went around and told everyone that I was this and that. He talks to everyone about everyone else. Eight months I put up with this crap, bills to pay and all that! This week I got my revenge. I left! I was polite, and worked hard right to the end. I was asked to reconsider, to have a beer," are you sure?". Yes I'm sure. I took with me a secret! There are three more leaving though without notice. They will have two left, none are mechanics. Reputation is bad so no local will work there for long. It is a shame, because I grew to like those two people for what they pretended to be. I am now back with people that think of me as family, and treat me accordingly.

Monday, November 14, 2005

New Job, Kinda

I have a new job, starting Monday I will be back at my old job doing what I did for the last 7 plus years. My old boss called and made an offer and I accepted. Thank God! I now will not have to shoot myself in the temple, and can continue to eat lots of bacon and bad things moving towards my heart attack! Life is not all bad. More to come in a couple of days.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks for the tip Weesie, but I think any skiing done by me will look like this! I remember driving in snow and black ice. Best bet is front wheel drive, and don't hit the brakes, stay steady on the throttle. The wheels will pull you where you point them, even on ice if you don't expect too much to fast. Same thing with 4 wheel drive! Most folks don't know this but, in 4wd the front wheels turn a slight bit faster then the rears. This is to keep the back from coming around on a curve or heavy throttle application. When stopping, trust anti lock brakes and stay on the pedal! The noise scares people into letting off. End of mechanic and winter driving nut's lesson. Talked to oldest daughter yesterday. It seems someone stole a credit and debit card from her while at work. She was very upset about it all. Yes they were used. As bad as she felt, at 21 she is gonna have lots worse stuff happen to her over the years. Wish I could shield her from the crap life throws at us, but then she would become weak.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

What the hell?

Is France still burning? So they have a military that can shoot unarmed people in Ivory Coast, but not a few rioters in and around Paris. Why? Is it because these guys are not black? Let em burn the place to the ground, I'm not going there for a visit. Anything to do with France that is near and dear to me is either my wife or a Canadian friend. Speaking of Canadian friends, I had one point out to me that Iran might not be that far along in her attempts at a nuke. He believes that the program would be taken out, as was the Iraqis in the 80's. I spoke to a former SEAL that says he and friends were there a few years back, got into a fight and left. They brought their dead home with them. He wouldn't say where or why they were there. Also told me they were anywhere Uncle Sam wanted eyes and ears. I think Mosad has better eyes and ears then we do. I think Collin is right!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hillbillies and such

Hey all! I just got in from dinner, wife's out of town. I don't starve though, I go out. My wife is the worlds greatest cook, so if I want to eat well I have to pay dearly. We, I and Dcat, and also Mike, have been called Red Necks Hillbillies and such by some of our fans. :) These things are true on my part, I doubt on the parts of the others. I have learned to enjoy a good meal, and good wine. Tonight was Pork Forrester. A tenderloin stuffed with apples, on a bed of cornbread dressing, mashed taters n gravy, Veggies, squash, carrots and peppers in a mushroom sauce with herbs. Wash it down with a couple of Amber Bocks, then home and a good bottle of Merlot. Spending time with my favorite bartender (Jeff you will make a great lawyer some day) a Democrat, to top off the evening. I saw on Fox news the feed from Argentina, people throwing firebombs and burning the stars and stripes ( I got one they can try an burn!) setting fire to their own city! Dummern dirt, without the use! I remember the riots in LA, I saw a sign on a building that said "black owned" it was a fried chicken place full of fat black looters. If that was a smart black man, he took his insurance money and opened up in a different part of town. I hurt my arm yesterday at work, got up and went in again today. Am I missing something here?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Hey all! Tonight I spoke with my best friend from high school. I had the opportunity to wish him a happy 43rd. He was born three days after me, on the 5th of November 1962. We were the wild ones in school, still are. My friend races motorcycles at places like Gratton, Road Atlanta, and Watkins Glen. The first bike he ever road was my trail bike, so many years ago. Where did the time go? I really hate birthdays, but the alternative is far worse. I hope to still be talking nonsense a year from now.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


I thought I would write about bullies. I have always been small for my age, and combined with the thick glasses I’m forced to wear, I’ve learned a little about bullies. Bullies can be of several types. While it is true for the most part that they are insecure, it isn’t the only reason that they bully. A physical bully is the insecure one. They have to throw their weight around to look cool, or tough. An intellectual bully is simply arrogant. The bully that is both, is the nasty one. No insecurity there, just meanness. Most of our trolls are in the mean category. I’ve learned that a bully will back down when the spotlight is on him. In other words, point him out for all to see. I’ve always had to fight bullies, and so now always will. A good case in point is the recent banter between John and myself at the Iraqi pub. John is a bully. (Yes John that is why you are banned) I remember the times I got beaten while everyone watched, to afraid of the bully to do anything. I remember being afraid. As an adult I don’t see to many bullies anymore, but when I do I go after them. I will never have the “it doesn’t concern me attitude” about anything. That is part of why I support the war in Iraq, a nest of bullies, and those that would cozy up to them. To answer the critics, Sofo for one. Yes I wish we were in the Ivory Coast, and all over Africa. Even I know that you can’t charge every windmill, but I hope we try. I’ve been called simple by one of the bullies. I believe that right and wrong are also simple. If you see a bully, walk him down!

Monday, October 24, 2005

The weekend

Hey all! I thought I would tell you a little about our weekend. Sorry, no pics forgot the camera. Mrs. C had a meeting to attend in ST. Augustine Florida, Saturday. She likes to drag me along on these excursions to share the adventure. One of the reasons I love her, is that she makes life an adventure. While she was at her meeting, I went walking. (I love to walk) went to a park where Ponce De Leon came ashore and claimed Florida for Spain. They have a small planetarium that put on a show about celestial navigation. I learned a lot. Later that day, I went to the site of the Catholic mission, which is the first on North America. Being of the Catholic faith, I found it quite interesting, infact very moving. I got back to our room in time to watch my team win again in overtime! Yay! Go Blue! About that time, Wife and friend got back from the meeting. We then went bar hopping and stayed up way too late. Sunday, we stopped in Savannah Georgia to see the sites by the river. This is the place that Mike of got the pic of the USS Cole, a while back. Neat side story, last weekend we went to the mall to get wife an outfit for this meeting. She took way too long, so I ended up at a lil bar in the mall chatting with a man from Savannah. He told me of several good places to eat and drink. As luck would have it, He saw me and came over to say hi! It really is a small world.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Hi all. Just a quick note to let everyone know that I will be out of the office for a few days! If you need cussed or beaten, I have aranged for Dcat to cover for me. The Missus and I need a get away. See you monday!

Monday, October 17, 2005

At long last!

At long last, a proper funeral, with a proper burial. These are Kurdish people, which were killed by Sadam, and put in mass graves. I offer this pic as part of the story about why we are there! Mixed in with the joy of the pics at cats site, is the somber pride of a people that can now, finally bring peace to their loved ones.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

John and his date!

Hat tip to Andy!

For those that havn't seen this from Andy! I'm gonna need that bourbon to be a double!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hello people! Let me introduce myself. I am Olivia C. The dog is my best friend Reeses, or Beans for short. I am one year old this month! This makes me almost an adult, so dad let me have the keys to his blog for the night! WOO HOO! I, like all the other animals around here, am a rescue. My mom got me from under a house at the beach, when she and a vet assistant friend of hers came down to ride horses on the beach. A woman was feeding my mom and us kittens for a few weeks, trying to befriend us. I, being the social creature that I am, had no problem with that! The woman picked me up and gave me to my new mom, Mrs C. I was scared to death! I even hid in the truck up on top of the glove box! When I got to my new home I found two big dogs and a psychotic black cat! The cat gave me some trouble at first but my friend Beans the Doberman intercedes on my behalf. It didn't take long to rule this roost! I like to take some of Beans' food and bat it around the house! Beans doesn't mind but Cooper dog growls if I keep him awake too late. I try to be quiet but hey, I'm a cat! We are nocturnal. I am a very loving kitty, so I need lots of attention. I love mom and dad, but I'm sure glad to have Beans to love on when everyone else thinks I'm a pest! Beans, I love you cause you're cuddly! You know I need cuddly!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hmmm Fema?

Hat tip to Officer Mike!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Coopers nose

Was supposed to be a pic of that chaste tree I planted but the camera hound showed up!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whats goin on!

Hey all! Yes the phone line is fixed! :)
Don't know if I can post pics yet, but if not I will ask Dcat to post something for me. I have completed my 50 hours of community service today at the boyscout camp. Did more digging of water lines, and some siding. I had forgotten that I used to know how to use a hammer and saw. I had a tiring but good time. I may even volunteer some time. After I get caught up on my honey do list. Moral is don't fuss and fight with spouse! Another way of putting it...."Make love, not war!" Looking for a new job, as I am having a very bad time with the one I have. To many issues to discus, but taking a lot of criticisms and not liking it. At almost 43 I' ve been around the business for 31 years, and don't have to kiss anyone's ass. Most certainly not someone that can't do a simple brake job. I have lots of good friends in the business here and they will help me through my latest folly, as I would them. Finally, let me say that I am very grateful to the people that read and support me.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Phone lines

I have been very scarce of late due to a phone line that goes bad after a few minutes of use. A call to Bell South hasn't fixed the problem. The technician found a good working phone line when here. As a mechanic I can relate to that! I am using our second line to post this while wife isn't working on it. I hope The landscaping I did over the last two weeks didn't hurt the line. Cable is headed our way, and I am hopeful that we will get high speed internet. Should know in a week or two. Thanks to our friend Bob, and The Texas State Guard for helping the victims of Katrina. Thanks also to our friends up north for supporting the Red Cross. On the recent bombings in Iraq, I would remind everyone that yes, you are your brothers keeper. One cannot make those car bombs without someone seeing and knowing something. This puts the blood of the innocents on the hands of those that did nothing to stop this outrage. There are days in every life when it seems pointless to go on, but go on we must. Lend a thought, prayer, or hand when you can, and smooth the road for all that follow.

Friday, September 09, 2005


No TV tonight, I've had enough death and destruction. Fall has come to the midlands of South Carolina, bringing Browns and reds, and Forrest smells. Temps in the mid eighties by day and upper sixties at night The grass has slowed a bunch and I will not have to mow this weekend. This is good as I'm spending ten hours at the boyscout camp Saturday. Who Knows, I may be the elusive Snipe! :) Grant us peace Lord, and watch over us, one and all and keep us.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans

I have been watching the debate over whether to rebuild the city or not with much interest.
It seems to me that the answer is very simple. I have seen many things in my life, some that I wish I had never seen. Some things inspire me forever. Logic would tell us that no coastal city should be below sea level. Logic is right. Now for the other side of the coin.
New Orleans is far more than a place that is home for a few hundred thousand souls. It is the home of a type of culture that doesn't exist outside of that area. You can hear good jazz anywhere, but it sounds better in preservation hall! Always will. You can't hear good delta blues outside the delta, period! You gotta smell it and taste it! The food comes from what is available there. Won't work in New York. I offer you a simple analogy. I and many of you would pay good money for our friend Diane's art. Why? Because it speaks to our souls. (It should as it comes from her soul) The food the music, the very way of life speaks to my soul. If it doesn't speak to yours..........You weren't listening.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane post

Mrs. C took me to New Orleans for a week on business some years ago. We were watching the coverage on Fox News and she reminded me of a sight we saw. We were staying at the hyatt across from the superdome, and decided to forgo the shuttle to the Quarter and walk. As we walked along you could see ahead there was a crazy woman ranting and cursing in front of us about a block. She was a tall and well built black woman wearing a bright yellow sun dress. She looked very beautiful but for the yelling and cursing. She also got physical with a few trash cans along the way. All of the pedestrians crossed to the other side of the street until they were about a block past her. We wondered if someone is taking care of those people during this time. We hope and pray, may God feed and cover those that can't themselves.

New post

I have been very busy lately landscaping the yard and taking care of my other obligations. I saw that dcat had commented about the top down season almost being over for her. It is just beginning here. Makes me want to get to work on wifes roadster. (don't know where the time will come from) I am creating a spot in the yard for the memory of a woman I hardy knew. Her name was Miss Jo. She was the one that took me to meet and get my red Doberman, Reese, yes like the peanut butter cup. She was a tireless worker for the Doberman rescue in the in the area. When she died, we went and bought a white bench from her estate. I have painted it green and put it in a shaded place in the yard looking out at the water. It sits next to a small creek that flows in the spring. I have also planted a Chaste tree in front of the house. I have a pic but you know who got his nose in the act! Love you too Cooper. Found a snake skin out there too! On a more serious matter, if you have any prayers to use, I think New Orleans could use them. That is one of my favorite cites to visit, I hope it is still there after this storm.
Ps sorry no pics. Won't load.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

More on God

It has been said that the devil is everywhere, even in the churches fighting his fight. So is god. We went out to eat at the local bar yesterday, kind of a redneck and biker bar. Most folks know everyone in there by sight if not by name. The conversation was of a regular that is battling cancer, and losing fast. He has no family except the patrons of that bar. In the last week one of them has moved in with him to take care of him and be there when hospice can't. He wanted to come and spend a little time with his friends, looking out at the lake and having a beer. They went to get a wheel chair and then him for a while. I have seen some nasty things in that bar, but also some wonderful acts by very good people. The battle rages on.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One last shot.

Hi all, I didn't run away. I did enjoy a weekend in the mountains not to far from Dons neck o the woods. I got to see the train wreck from the movie The Fugitive, and some nice scenery. I don't particularly like mountains but they seem to recharge me. I had one more piece of bad news, my daughter called and left me a message that one of the girls in my neighborhood died of cancer. She died about 4 months after her husband. We were never that close, but never that far either. She had my back a few times, and I hers as we grew up. Sylvia, I will always remember your eyes, and your smile. Now you will light up more then just the room you enter!
Had my first court ordered counseling session. Mostly just orientation, but some other stuff too. I thought it was very powerful, and worth the price of admission. John if you're lurking, you too should give it a try. They tell me that they can show you why you are an ass, and how to fix it.(if possible)
On a final note I would like to thank all of you for standing with me and offering your support. It is great to know that you are there!

Friday, August 05, 2005

I love you Unk!

Tonight I learned of the passing of my favorite uncle from my dads side. He was a very spiritual man, that believed in the hereafter with a passion. I come from a blue collar family that does hard work. He was a concrete man as was my dad, and I in my younger days. In my hometown you can't walk a mile without seeing a tree that I planted or a sidewalk he laid. We shared many projects together, that combined both our skills. When my mother died, he was there to help me load her into the hearse when the snow kept the pallbearers away. I am glad that I had the chance to tell you that I love you. May god bless you uncle Leonard C

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I think I need a priest

I was supposed to start my court ordered counseling yesterday. I got off work an hour early to get there.Just outside of town I took my eye off the road for a sec and when I looked up there was a blazer in front of me going very slow. I rearended it, sending it into a ditch. It rolled I think once, tossing three kids around like dolls inside. I don't know how anyone is, except me. I'm ok with just a twingy neck. The Grandfather of the kids came over to me to check on me and tell me it was just bumps and bruises. I hope he was right. I don't know what is going on with my life right now, but it is getting hard to see the bright side of anything. No prayers for me but if you could spare a few for a woman named Vicky Anderson and her children I would appreciate it.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


I have now solved some of my computer problems with an updated version of Explorer. Yippeeee!
This means I now have spell check, and can post pics from my comp instead of doing the floppy disk shuffle. Most importantly, I have the recover post button so I might not lose my more creative garbage. I would like to say hello to a new reader of my blog. She is a neighbor and a very good friend. I do hope she comments here as I respect her opinions. I have had all kinds of problems this week with my daughter. The grand experiment of letting her be on her own has gone bad, and now she will be going back to her mothers house. She is very unhappy about this but it must be. Teenagers are so damn hard to deal with sometimes. I wish she would learn that there are consequences for her actions. A pic for Cat. More of our back yard.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I didn't do a good job.

I didn't do a good job of getting my point across in my last post.
It was more of a statement of the difference between holy men.
One died giving last rites, while others sit in their mosques and spew hate.
I did a little research and found father Judge had a lifetime of good works behind him. I have known a priest or two that were like that. On the other hand we have a Muqtadda al Sodder (spelling?) that uses his mosque as a fortress to conduct war from.
I remember seeing the Pakistanis protesting us after 9/11 and thinking, "Don't they know we are the good guys?" The simple answer is yes they know, but they are on the other side. If you're a part of the "Death to America" crowd, even just in a demonstration then you have chosen a side. I am not a man of god, or a hero. I'm just a guy that will defend his country and way of life against all enemies, any way I can.
I gave a bum a dollar one day, knowing that it would come back and bite me. Sure enough I became a favorite target of that person. I got to know him a little bit, and learned a life lesson or two. He had a wife and two children, and they lived in a park not far from where I worked. They had to travel miles to get to the Christian rescue mission and get food. She was a diabetic and sometimes couldn't wait. They didn't feed or take care of her at her mosque, yet she went every day. One day I wasn't around and the mission was to far, she died. I believe that some of those clerics like to see downtrodden people as a means to an end, instead of a soul to lift.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Man of God

On a day when evil seemed to rule, there were other stories. Evil was met full on by thousands of heroes and a man of God. In little more then a month we again remember that hellish day when our innocence died. I do not understand why a Cleric or imam can have such authority without deeds, and a Priest can have deeds without authority. Is the world really that blind? I understand that some are not catholic or even of any faith, but everybody recognizes the difference between good and evil. God Bless and God Speed, Father Judge.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Look who's pic I got!

Yep, it's him. He tried to run, and he tried to hide. Note the dirty unwashed look. Ive got more for another time. Wait till you see Lee.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

My view on sunday morning. Dennis is already sending clouds here. Almost all of Mrs. C's family is in the bullseye in Escambia counties Florida and Alabama.

Lets try a couple more!

Cooper Dog geting ready for another adventure!

Guess who

I found this old camera and decided to see if I could get it to work. Not bad for a freebie

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Way past mad!

I just saw on Fox News that the Italians are gonna cut and run.
Did they not see their hostage stand and show the world how a brave man dies? What does it take to make the world stand and fight? I was and am still a small man with a handicap. That combination got me a fight a day in school. You either learn to stand or run. I chose to stand! I do not understand the mentality of those that will hide under the bed and hope the boogyman passes them by. It aint gonna happen kids. I admire the British for their stiff upper lip, and courage but, I think a little emotion goes a long way to win a fight. When I start cryin it's time to be runnin. The nut bags that have done these terrible things need to remember that hate is a two way street. If you wanna take me to meet Allah, ok. But when we go, I'm going with my hands wrapped around your damn throat! It is the natural state of man that some will lead, some will follow, some won't budge, and some will run. Care to guess where I fall in that list?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Our Independence Day

Took the boat out last night to watch the fireworks displays. Two displays ten or fifteen miles apart. Turned on the radio and listened to the soundtrack that went with it. I began to reflect on the meaning of our independence. It all started with wanting to practice religion of choice without persecution, and that led to freedom.
Freedom for us, (I include Canada as well) is not the freedom from something, but the freedom to something. We have taken the freedom from and turned it into the freedom to............
The poor and the oppressed of this world have taken America to the top. It is the freedom to dream, and chase that dream that allows us to lead the world. It requires big dreamers to be able to move away from the known and start over. To chase those dreams means hard work, and lots of sweat and tears. Because we are examples of that freedom and work ethic, We don't fail in the missions we undertake. It will be interesting to see the changes in Iraq and Afghanistan when they have freedom to, also.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quick post

Hi one and all! I am making a quick post to tell you that my girlfriend is going to be away for a few days getting updated. It is time to get something besides win 95 that will be able to use the web accelerator and the spell check. Should only take a few days. I will try to have a post for the weekend on wifes main comp. If not, then please be safe this weekend.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

My girlfriend

Let me tell you about my girlfriend. She is noisy, obnoxious and sometimes mean as hell. She doesnt do a single thing to help me out, and will argue with every command I give. She is corrupt and cranky and always telling me no. She needs constant attention just to get through the day. I don't know why I spend so much time with her, but I do. She isn't pretty to look at and doesn't smell good. I'm begining to think she is dumb as a rock, but she has me hooked. Damn you Bill Gates.

Monday, June 20, 2005

A Cooper Dog Adventure

Hi all! My name is Cooper Dog. I live on a big lake with Tom and Danelle. We have another dog named Reeses, and two cats. The oldest is Bam Bam, and the newest is Olivia. We are all rescues from one place or another. I like to meet the other animals in my neighborhood, some to eat! I am a dog after all.
One day I was out walking my beat, when I saw the strangest creature! It had two arms with pinchers on the ends. I barked and barked, but it wouldn't go away. I finally got tired of the game and tried to move it with my nose! Ouch! Now I know what pinchers can do! I yelled real loud and my Dad Tom came to see what was wrong. He picked up the creature and took it to the water and threw it in! "Now Cooper, don't play with crawdads" he said. I am a big dog, and very smart so I didn't listen to Dad. The water went away for a time, and the yard was full of those creatures. I saw some birds eating them so I decided to try. I found that I could grab them and throw them into the air a couple of times and then eat them. I once lived with my mom and a couple of siblings at a building called Cooper, that is how I got my name. My siblings were taken to the pound and killed because the vet thought he saw ringworm. I was rescued and brought home by my mother Danelle, who took me to another vet and got a differant diagnosis.(whew that is a big word for a dog!) I had to take cow medicine for 6 months but I got better. Another time I will tell you the story about me and the King Snake. Also the one about the Bees. I have lots of adventures too, like Indigo Red! Bye for now. (slobber) oops sorry!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New post, lighthearted.

I saw our new pvt's pic in his hometown paper commemerating his graduation. The article said he will be in Iraq by the fall. We had a parade for the returning guardsmen last year at the towns big festival.
Those men were hauled around on a flatbed trailer in 90 degree heat but they waved and we waved back. The Lt gov kissed a bunch of old ladies (spreading herpies) and a good time was had by all!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who has your back?

I wonder how many of you have asked that question? I had to ask it recently, and the answers suprised me. I am a transplant to the south. My home is a thousand miles north of here. I am also a home body so I don't get out a lot. Spend most of my time with my wife and a few neighbors. On the morning that I awoke in jail, I went before the Judge and he made me get bonded. 1000 bucks. ten percent to the bonding agent. Someone had to put it up and sign for me, also provide an address where I could live. Also, no calls to cell phones.
After several hours of no information, I finaly got ahold of my ex boss...(only land line I could get answered) and he came to get me. It was several hours later when I got out. 8:30 pm
I had to walk to a gas station to get some money,( they take what you have) and call a number that my daughter put in my hand as I was put in the car. I started to explain who I was, and a voice said I'll see you in 5 min. Up came one of my daughters friends that I didn't aprove of, loads me into the car and hands me a cell phone with my kid on the other end. He takes me about 12 miles to the store where my daughter works.
When I get there another friend of hers tells me that my room is ready at his trailer, behind his moms house.
Two days later, the father of another friend of hers,(I had strong reservations about this man too)calls and says his daughter is leaving town for a while and he is going back to trucking, would I please stay at their apartment and watch their stuff. I went to thank my ex boss for trying to help, and he said. "I went to the jail and the woman I talked to said, man he sure has a lot of friends." I didn't know it but my bond had been payed as soon as it was set, by my neighbor. My wife called him first thing in the morning. When I went to pay him for the bond, he told me that my wife had already payed him. When I finaly got back here I found that I had been missed by my friends. Any way you slice it I am truly blessed, and am grateful.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

When Two Worlds Collide

I have been reading with some intrest the postings of Reza, and Kenneth, and others on ITM. We can attribute some of that noise to the fact that they are trolls... Lee C can and will argue both sides of an issue just to be arguing. I saw with intrest the marchers protesting the dessicration of the Koran. Then there is Kenneth telling Isreal to get out of Palistine, which was I believe Jordan.
I see the US military doing the heavy lifting even still in Iraq. I hate to be Captain Obvious but, this is a war of the worlds Ideologies. Not so much Christian versus Islam, but Islam versus everyone. The funny thing is if they left us alone we might collapse under our own apathy. Thanks for the wake up call. I wonder if they realy believe that they can defeat Isreal, even if we stayed out? It looks like a recipe for well nuked Islamofacist to me. I have a question for those people that I've not heard asked yet. If Allah realy is that great, why does he need you to kill for him?

Monday, May 30, 2005

Remember what the day is for.

Appropriately enough it's raining here today.
I have said my prayers and had my moment of silence.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm Back!

Sorry folks, I have had an awful week, even went to jail for a day.
Won't give you the gory details until it is all over but suffice it to say that I am making big changes in my life. No one is hurt or anything but the wife and I had a fight and now there are consequences. This is a part of life sometimes and so I will not shy away from this subject or any other. Feel free to ask me questions and I will try to answer them. If I can't post anything I will have Jen leave a comment from me. In other news we will have a new Army graduate next week. Congrats Pvt.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gods Law and Man

Please note this is my opinion and only my opinion.
I told Big Mike that gods law was written in the hearts of man according to my Bible.
I don't have the chapter and verse.... Read it yourself if needed.
I have thought about that verse and wondered the meaning. This is what it means to me.
Gods law is the tie that binds you to me and I to you. We have built a civilization upon it.
This is our conscience. We were born with it! It is our guide through this life. This doesn't mean that I will not do bad things, as any who know me know that I have. What it means is that I have thoughts and remorse for those things. This is written in my genetic code, as it is in most of your codes. There are some that do not have this bit of code, and are known as a sociopath. This now leads to race and its role in this. I believe that there are a higher incidence of people born deficient of conscience in some races. Before you go and label me a bigot which I am, think about the genetics. I remember a bad fight I had with my exwife where she pretty much beat me like a stepchild. It took me a few days to heal over this and then I went to get my measure of revenge. I grabbed her arm and then she yelled ouch! That was it for me, I left a beaten man.
The point is that I would never bring pain or harm to someone just because I could. We are not all created equal on this point I have tried to leave as small a footprint upon this earth as I could so as to not injure another. Don't get me wrong as those that know me will tell you. I can walk the walk, just prefer not to. Some individuals in history revel in the walk.

Friday, May 20, 2005

What he said

Ok gang. This is what I can give you after a year. This is not as good as my lost post but will have to do. The main points Big Mike as I will call him...(not his real name) said to me are as follows.
He was a pediphile, youngest wife was 9. Also had 11 others of varying ages. Was in complete control and intended to keep it. Had an ego as big as any ever seen. Was offten in dispute with ones self. On that I can relate! Was very arrogant, and self important. In short full of shit!
Also heard voices..... yes cat where are mine?
I will give you what I told him about Gods law and muslims in general in a day or two.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

New post

Tried twice now, and lost both to the powers that be.
Must mean I need to think about it a little longer before posting. I sure thought I had nailed it on the first try and went to spellcheck it and lost it. I will post what the Marine said to me in the next day or two. Sorry about this gang, but it can't be helped.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

It was not me!

Ok this thing with the desecration of the Koran hits a little close to home. I have a friend of several years that I worked with. He has a brother that served as a guard at Gitmo.
Let me tell you a little about the kind of men that were guards there. This man is a Marine that was called back to duty after he thought he was done. He was about to take his last class for his masters degree! He had also been accepted to the federal marshals. He was trained as an MP. I had a chance to thank him for his service and to ask him some questions. I spoke to him before and after his time in Gitmo. Before he went I asked him to put a foot up one of their asses for me! When he came back I asked him if he did as I asked. "No Sir! I could not." What did you do, I asked? "I read the Koran!" Why in hell did you do that? "So I might understand where they are comming from." I won't tell you what his thoughts were on Islam, but they were the thoughts of a very intelligent man. It was not me guarding them. If it was, I would have stuffed that book and my foot so damn far up someones ass, everytime he shit, a miricle would have happened!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The American Soldier

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. Some of our young folks go away to the army, navy, ect ect, and are leaving home for the first time. Some do very well, like Johnny, a Marine. I used to hire him to help me in the yard for weekend money. Love you son, hope you enjoy China, and the new bride.
Some of the kids don't have such an easy time. My own daughter lost her bid to be a navy nurse due to a stomach problem.
One young man, often on my mind is a Pvt in training. He was my youngest daughters first friend in S.C. He had about two years of JROTC in high School, and wanted to enlist after graduation. By his mothers accounts he was a troubled teen, getting into all manner of mischief.
In his last letter it is clear that he isn't doing as well as he or the Army would like. I will excerpt some of the letter for you to see first hand what he is dealing with.
"I really miss you and everyone a lot, I'm going to try to make it through but I can get out later if I want. That makes me want to succeed"......
"I know that you are very proud of what I am doing, but are scared because of the war. Even my mother may not agree with what I am doing because of her religion, but it is the correct thing for me. I am not worried about going to war, evan though there is a chance I might not come back. The army will train me to succeed in my mission. If I have kids, I don't want to have to tell them I was in the army and couldn't cut it. Not only will my family think about it, but if I quit now I will always wonder if I would have made a good soldier. Not only is it about shit like that, but also The pride that I feel when I slip on my uniform and go out in public. Two little boys came up and asked to shake my hand, and thay are trying to stretch their hand to yours, and it berly covers your palm. Thats what real pride is, and there isn't another job in this world that gives you that kind of pride and satisfaction. I hope you understand why I am going to try and stay with what I am doing, and I always realize that you have my back."

Yes son, we do have your back. Get your times up, and don't forget to come home.

Monday, May 09, 2005

A new post!

And the race is on to see who will be first!:)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blogging as work.

Hmmmm Hi gang, or you three as it is.:)While playing around with this thing I found Louise's blogs. I had no idea.
I have a few really good things to put into print, but will need permission as some of it is personal from a new soldier. Also I don't seem to be able to put into words what it is I'm thinking. This might explain why I can't argue rationaly with the trolls.
It is much easier to say "Yer Mom!" Then to pick apart a faulty train of thought. I am a mechanic, and can fix anything, given enough time. Time seems to be the commodity that I can't find enough of. I wonder how Soldiers Dad, and Burly can come up with the links that they do? I don't seem to have the time for the reserch.
Until next time, "Be good, and if you can't... Be great!"

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another name in the hat.

Just thought I would add another name and place to be, out here.
I hope to have a thing or two to say but if not, you can just tell me what to say. So heres to my first post!

Yard Work

I have just finished painting a small bench that I intend to put in the woods in my yard.
It seems that I get a little more artistic as I get older. Wonder where that came from? I think I'm going to asphault the yard and paint it green. It is way to nice a day to be cutting grass. Does anyone else live in fear of Mondays? I hate em so bad that it affects Sunday.