Saturday, July 09, 2005

Way past mad!

I just saw on Fox News that the Italians are gonna cut and run.
Did they not see their hostage stand and show the world how a brave man dies? What does it take to make the world stand and fight? I was and am still a small man with a handicap. That combination got me a fight a day in school. You either learn to stand or run. I chose to stand! I do not understand the mentality of those that will hide under the bed and hope the boogyman passes them by. It aint gonna happen kids. I admire the British for their stiff upper lip, and courage but, I think a little emotion goes a long way to win a fight. When I start cryin it's time to be runnin. The nut bags that have done these terrible things need to remember that hate is a two way street. If you wanna take me to meet Allah, ok. But when we go, I'm going with my hands wrapped around your damn throat! It is the natural state of man that some will lead, some will follow, some won't budge, and some will run. Care to guess where I fall in that list?

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