Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

I got to thinking about my family,and all that served our country. Most of them ar gone to their final reward.
My Grandfather, William John, WW1. A Cook.
His sons.
Dewey, USN Sea Bee. Under water demolitions. WW2.
Edward, USMC, Iwo Jima. WW2. He said the fighting was so fierce that you couldn't take the time to crap.
William T, my father. 11Th Airborne. Korea. Three purple hearts.
Leonard, Army.
Two grandsons from his daughters.
Wayne W, Army, Viet Nam.
Jim K, USN, Marine barracks, Lebanon.
Great grandchildren.
Jen, my niece. USN.
Ruth, my daughter. USN.
These are just the ones I know about. Too many cousins to keep tract of.
We have been blessed that none fell on the field of battle, though I think Wayne died of cancer at 28 due to Agent Orange. Just my guess though.
I think of some of my friends. Rusty, USN Viet Nam. I think he was on the Midway, but not sure. He told me that on the last day the choppers were coming so fast that they barely had time to throw them overboard before the next landed.
Jeff, Air Force. Desert Storm 1. He said the sun was blocked out from the smoke. A scene from Dante's inferno.
Some families lost so much and need our prayers.
On Monday, I will grill some meat, and spend a quiet day with loved ones, and say a prayer for those that serve and have served.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too Much?

Anyone catch the bit done by Wanda Sykes the other night? Wonder if she even listened to Rush Limbaugh. If so then surely not with an open mind. Wishing his kidneys would fail is over the top. I would remind her that there are a lot of folks that think she and her far left cronies need an Oak Tree and rope. Why can't Obama try and be just a bit presidential? He likes rolling around in the mud with the classless, and cheats of the world. Next He will appoint Ward Churchill Sec of Education.
My mind drifts to Kwame Kilpatrick and the mess he left Detroit in. Why can't we see some real leadership out of the Black community? All of this crap should make me angry, but all I am is tired. It's gonna be a huge job fixing this mess when he is done.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boat Two

A before and after pic of my boat. Am going to live with the wrong carpet. Next time I'll use someone with a storefront. I put it together from memory.