Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too Much?

Anyone catch the bit done by Wanda Sykes the other night? Wonder if she even listened to Rush Limbaugh. If so then surely not with an open mind. Wishing his kidneys would fail is over the top. I would remind her that there are a lot of folks that think she and her far left cronies need an Oak Tree and rope. Why can't Obama try and be just a bit presidential? He likes rolling around in the mud with the classless, and cheats of the world. Next He will appoint Ward Churchill Sec of Education.
My mind drifts to Kwame Kilpatrick and the mess he left Detroit in. Why can't we see some real leadership out of the Black community? All of this crap should make me angry, but all I am is tired. It's gonna be a huge job fixing this mess when he is done.

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