Monday, May 30, 2005

Remember what the day is for.

Appropriately enough it's raining here today.
I have said my prayers and had my moment of silence.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm Back!

Sorry folks, I have had an awful week, even went to jail for a day.
Won't give you the gory details until it is all over but suffice it to say that I am making big changes in my life. No one is hurt or anything but the wife and I had a fight and now there are consequences. This is a part of life sometimes and so I will not shy away from this subject or any other. Feel free to ask me questions and I will try to answer them. If I can't post anything I will have Jen leave a comment from me. In other news we will have a new Army graduate next week. Congrats Pvt.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gods Law and Man

Please note this is my opinion and only my opinion.
I told Big Mike that gods law was written in the hearts of man according to my Bible.
I don't have the chapter and verse.... Read it yourself if needed.
I have thought about that verse and wondered the meaning. This is what it means to me.
Gods law is the tie that binds you to me and I to you. We have built a civilization upon it.
This is our conscience. We were born with it! It is our guide through this life. This doesn't mean that I will not do bad things, as any who know me know that I have. What it means is that I have thoughts and remorse for those things. This is written in my genetic code, as it is in most of your codes. There are some that do not have this bit of code, and are known as a sociopath. This now leads to race and its role in this. I believe that there are a higher incidence of people born deficient of conscience in some races. Before you go and label me a bigot which I am, think about the genetics. I remember a bad fight I had with my exwife where she pretty much beat me like a stepchild. It took me a few days to heal over this and then I went to get my measure of revenge. I grabbed her arm and then she yelled ouch! That was it for me, I left a beaten man.
The point is that I would never bring pain or harm to someone just because I could. We are not all created equal on this point I have tried to leave as small a footprint upon this earth as I could so as to not injure another. Don't get me wrong as those that know me will tell you. I can walk the walk, just prefer not to. Some individuals in history revel in the walk.

Friday, May 20, 2005

What he said

Ok gang. This is what I can give you after a year. This is not as good as my lost post but will have to do. The main points Big Mike as I will call him...(not his real name) said to me are as follows.
He was a pediphile, youngest wife was 9. Also had 11 others of varying ages. Was in complete control and intended to keep it. Had an ego as big as any ever seen. Was offten in dispute with ones self. On that I can relate! Was very arrogant, and self important. In short full of shit!
Also heard voices..... yes cat where are mine?
I will give you what I told him about Gods law and muslims in general in a day or two.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

New post

Tried twice now, and lost both to the powers that be.
Must mean I need to think about it a little longer before posting. I sure thought I had nailed it on the first try and went to spellcheck it and lost it. I will post what the Marine said to me in the next day or two. Sorry about this gang, but it can't be helped.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

It was not me!

Ok this thing with the desecration of the Koran hits a little close to home. I have a friend of several years that I worked with. He has a brother that served as a guard at Gitmo.
Let me tell you a little about the kind of men that were guards there. This man is a Marine that was called back to duty after he thought he was done. He was about to take his last class for his masters degree! He had also been accepted to the federal marshals. He was trained as an MP. I had a chance to thank him for his service and to ask him some questions. I spoke to him before and after his time in Gitmo. Before he went I asked him to put a foot up one of their asses for me! When he came back I asked him if he did as I asked. "No Sir! I could not." What did you do, I asked? "I read the Koran!" Why in hell did you do that? "So I might understand where they are comming from." I won't tell you what his thoughts were on Islam, but they were the thoughts of a very intelligent man. It was not me guarding them. If it was, I would have stuffed that book and my foot so damn far up someones ass, everytime he shit, a miricle would have happened!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The American Soldier

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. Some of our young folks go away to the army, navy, ect ect, and are leaving home for the first time. Some do very well, like Johnny, a Marine. I used to hire him to help me in the yard for weekend money. Love you son, hope you enjoy China, and the new bride.
Some of the kids don't have such an easy time. My own daughter lost her bid to be a navy nurse due to a stomach problem.
One young man, often on my mind is a Pvt in training. He was my youngest daughters first friend in S.C. He had about two years of JROTC in high School, and wanted to enlist after graduation. By his mothers accounts he was a troubled teen, getting into all manner of mischief.
In his last letter it is clear that he isn't doing as well as he or the Army would like. I will excerpt some of the letter for you to see first hand what he is dealing with.
"I really miss you and everyone a lot, I'm going to try to make it through but I can get out later if I want. That makes me want to succeed"......
"I know that you are very proud of what I am doing, but are scared because of the war. Even my mother may not agree with what I am doing because of her religion, but it is the correct thing for me. I am not worried about going to war, evan though there is a chance I might not come back. The army will train me to succeed in my mission. If I have kids, I don't want to have to tell them I was in the army and couldn't cut it. Not only will my family think about it, but if I quit now I will always wonder if I would have made a good soldier. Not only is it about shit like that, but also The pride that I feel when I slip on my uniform and go out in public. Two little boys came up and asked to shake my hand, and thay are trying to stretch their hand to yours, and it berly covers your palm. Thats what real pride is, and there isn't another job in this world that gives you that kind of pride and satisfaction. I hope you understand why I am going to try and stay with what I am doing, and I always realize that you have my back."

Yes son, we do have your back. Get your times up, and don't forget to come home.

Monday, May 09, 2005

A new post!

And the race is on to see who will be first!:)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blogging as work.

Hmmmm Hi gang, or you three as it is.:)While playing around with this thing I found Louise's blogs. I had no idea.
I have a few really good things to put into print, but will need permission as some of it is personal from a new soldier. Also I don't seem to be able to put into words what it is I'm thinking. This might explain why I can't argue rationaly with the trolls.
It is much easier to say "Yer Mom!" Then to pick apart a faulty train of thought. I am a mechanic, and can fix anything, given enough time. Time seems to be the commodity that I can't find enough of. I wonder how Soldiers Dad, and Burly can come up with the links that they do? I don't seem to have the time for the reserch.
Until next time, "Be good, and if you can't... Be great!"

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another name in the hat.

Just thought I would add another name and place to be, out here.
I hope to have a thing or two to say but if not, you can just tell me what to say. So heres to my first post!

Yard Work

I have just finished painting a small bench that I intend to put in the woods in my yard.
It seems that I get a little more artistic as I get older. Wonder where that came from? I think I'm going to asphault the yard and paint it green. It is way to nice a day to be cutting grass. Does anyone else live in fear of Mondays? I hate em so bad that it affects Sunday.