Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Ya know, I get so damn tired of hearing America doesn't make great cars anymore. This leggy beauty would fit nicley in my garage. With 600 horsepower it might have to stay in the garage but what the heck.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


K so I was watching Fox news tonight and what did I see? almost nonstop Anna And Brittney and Lindsey, ect ect. Some of you know that I have two daughters and that one is a mile of bad road. I love and have loved my daughters equally and with all my heart. As proud as I am of the oldest, my heart breaks for the youngest. The oldest is now a Navy Corpsman on her way to her first post. The younger moves from man to man looking for god only knows what. One of the guys at work showed me the limo photos of Brittney. Yep I saw the money shot! Also saw the C section scar. I'm reminded of a guy I used to know many years ago. I would call him and ask whatcha doin? He would reply, "F*ckin someones daughter, you?" I was young and he was the cool street wise black guy, but one day I asked him what if someone referred to his daughter that way? He replied, "I'll put a foot up his ass!" So the next time you see Lindsey or Paris act out remember, she's someones daughter. And if you've got a spare prayer or two, these girls can use them. So can the dads.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shrillary and the flag

Pics are of the African American Monument and the Confederate Battle flag on our State House Grounds. Follow up to Indigo Red As most of you know, The Yankee Bitch was here this week. One of the first things she did was to call for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the SC State House grounds. It really isn't my issue but hey, whats one more Yankees opinion. When I first arrived in SC I noticed that they flew the Battle flag on the dome of the state capital. It was tucked under Old Glory and the state flag so I had no problem with their pride in heritage. Also I'm a fan of more states rights and that is what the flag represents to me. In a battle with the NAACP the flag was taken down from the dome and moved to a small flag pole on the main entrance. It now flies in front of the statue of Strom Thurmond. This was a compromise between the state and the NAACP. This compromise was never truly accepted by the NAACP, and they fight to this day for the removal of the flag. In an effort to get the minority vote every Democrat presidential candidate also calls for its removal. The confederate heritage folks have a saying about all of this. So you've made it about race. Now it's off the dome and in your face! While I don't agree with that I do understand how they feel. A compromise was reached so live with it. That flag is their heritage, their monument. Blacks have their own flag that for a while flew on their monument. It's bad enough that the blacks are always using the race card, now we have Hillary too! Outsiders like Hillary And I and the national NAACP have no dog in this fight.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I was visiting my buddy Tom at Toms Common Sense. It seems there is a lot of trouble in my former state. They have a Democrat Governor once again, and it reminded me of a time I got to see the great Governor James Blanchard at a function. The function was the appointment of the first Black woman to head the Michigan Dept of Public Health. The appointee was a very large woman named Gloria something or other. I was surprised at her appointment. Not because she was Black, but because she was a Nurse not a Doctor. I in my capacity as employee of the man that ran the concession stand, provided the coffee for the event. ( No I wasn't always the worlds greatest mechanic) I had seen many pictures and video of Jimmy as we called him. He seemed to be a big wide chested man with not one unruly hair on his head. In his blue suit he was right purty!
This was to be my first face to face encounter with a powerful politician. I went into the room where the event was taking place to get a look at Jimmy. What I saw was the State Police body guard carrying a small set of steps into the room. Soon Gloria and a short lil guy that looked like a miniature Jimmy walked up. The lil Jimmy got on the steps and faced the news people while Gloria stood next to him on the floor. On the top step lil Jimmy was taller then Gloria. When Jimmy wasn't on the steps he wasn't taller then a fire-hydrant! No pics were taken of Jimmy without the steps. I began to laugh and was asked to leave.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things that move me

I don't think I've lost anything in Hawaii, but there is one thing I wish to see before I die.
This is the first of an irregular group of posts titled things that move me. If my friends wish to contribute I'll give you the keys to the blog for this subject.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A nation at war

At this time last year my son in law was representing his country and the U.S. Navy In the super bowl. He was a member of the color guard, carrying the flag of the United States Navy. While I got to see everything from scantily clad girls to Tony The Dancing Bear, the faces of our honor guard were hidden behind the flags.
They had about three seconds of air time. Less time then it took the jets to fly over. Somebody needs to remember that these young men and women are more then just decoration and dressing on the plate of America. Not once or twice but every time you see a young person in uniform you must understand the sacrifice that goes into it. The many hours away from Moms and Dads Sisters Brothers Husbands Wives and Children. The many people that love them. The potential to serve and be killed in a foreign land for people that we don't understand is ever greater. I for one find their few moments of fame to be far too fleeting in the face of all that they do. While I will not rail against the masses for their complacence, I will feel it and do what I can to ensure that every service member knows that someone gives a damn and is watching. We give to you o world the best that springs forth from our being. Our flesh and blood, our beloved. Children with our courage and vision. They will try to guarantee the future for one and all upon this planet. To you that are awake to their plight I ask a prayer. To you that are not, I pray for you!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I think the Canadians are responsible for this.
Yes that's my boat, and yes thats my dock. Guess it's my snow too! Think Spring gang! Please!


I have not been able to post anything new since the upgrade. One would think one would check it to see if it would work before sticking it to those of us that have to use it!