Saturday, February 24, 2007


K so I was watching Fox news tonight and what did I see? almost nonstop Anna And Brittney and Lindsey, ect ect. Some of you know that I have two daughters and that one is a mile of bad road. I love and have loved my daughters equally and with all my heart. As proud as I am of the oldest, my heart breaks for the youngest. The oldest is now a Navy Corpsman on her way to her first post. The younger moves from man to man looking for god only knows what. One of the guys at work showed me the limo photos of Brittney. Yep I saw the money shot! Also saw the C section scar. I'm reminded of a guy I used to know many years ago. I would call him and ask whatcha doin? He would reply, "F*ckin someones daughter, you?" I was young and he was the cool street wise black guy, but one day I asked him what if someone referred to his daughter that way? He replied, "I'll put a foot up his ass!" So the next time you see Lindsey or Paris act out remember, she's someones daughter. And if you've got a spare prayer or two, these girls can use them. So can the dads.

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