Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I don't have a million dollar view, or do I? I took this pic when I couldn't see. Glad the camera could.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Boat

So whats been keeping me? I can have a story a day easy. Here's one.
I am the owner of a JC Pontoon boat. The Cadillac of the fleet. Over the past nine years it has served as my outdoor living room, and Sunday morning breakfast nook. I like to read the paper on it and listen to the wildlife in the AM. Time took it's toll on the seats and carpet, rendering it un-usable this year. I sent it out to be reupholstered this winter. It didn't happen. The man I sent it to didn't do any work for a couple of months. After bugging him a bunch I got carpet, and my seats done. I found a stranger doing my seats one day. He did a good job but, the boat was never put together. I then learned that the man doing the job was a drug user that didn't pay his help or anyone else. It was about this time that I found the law was protecting the guilty. I couldn't go and get my stuff. Not in the building, or on the property it was on. The man had a record of pointing a fire arm, and other nasty deeds. My neighbor finally got a time set to meet this man and get my stuff. To be last Saturday. Sat morning I get a phone call from the ICU saying "I can't make our meeting cause I got inna bad wreck." Are you hurt? "I got some stuff busted inside. I'm bleeding." I got his partner to get my stuff for me. I then gave him, at his hospital bed some cash to help with his bond. I paid his Uncle a bit for the work he did, even though it was wrong. I'm tearing it back apart to redo the bit of work that was done. I payed the man that sewed My seats, the money this man owed him. That man then made my Bimini Top for me. I am now putting my boat together a bit at a time each night after work. Sorry to be away so much but this is the first new thing I've ever owned, and it's special to me. I'll show pics when I can get the high speed connect.