Monday, August 09, 2010


So the wife had business in Austin Texas, and took me along for the ride. First impressions were 'what a nice city". Second impression was of Sixth Street. Sixth is a cross between Animal House, American Pie, all hell broke loose, with Willie Nelson thrown in for good measure. It is wall to wall bars, and every one has live music. Some not good, but most great! Those folks flat bring it, starting at Five pm and end it I don't know when cause I couldn't stay up that late. It is the short skirt and girl tattoo capitol of the world. While I could do without the tatoo's I didn't mind the skirts.... Hmmm.
We caught a band called The South side Ramblers, and I thought they were the best I heard the whole trip.
I met some interesting people while there, though the two that stand out were not from there.
I met retired Senior Chief Juan, a Cuban American. His pet peeve, people that speak to him in Spanish. He told me of a girl at a McDonald's that kept speaking to him in Spanish even though he spoke in English. He did have to tell her that Miami was indeed in the United Sates, and the language of business was English!
I met a Gabbie from the Sudan. His big bitch? Illegals and the crime they bring. He also didn't like that he had to be able to speak Spanish to qualify for some government jobs. He said he was glad to learn English, and in America that should be enough. He works hard at two jobs so that he can have some things, and would like the folks in Washington to get out of his pocket. He told me that in Sudan, you work you eat. He is a handicapper as well.
Folks as bad as it seems, We're not done yet!