Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whats new

Couple of quick updates. My back has now had two very good days in a row. Guess the shot worked. I had an appointment in Atlanta for my eye. We discussed the fact that I don't think I see as well as I should. Doc agreed, and ran another test showing inflammation in my eye still. I then received a steroid shot in the eye, and some drops. Yes I said in the eye! No it didn't hurt but was awful anyway.
So I guess Obama, and the Cop and the Prof are getting together for a beer. If I'm that Cop there is just no way I'm there. There is no good reason! Gates should have shut the hell up and let the man leave. Nothing pisses me off more then some black guy calling me a racist. Damn if I'll drink a beer with him!
Time for a bit of a story.
I was born and raised in Lansing Michigan. I am the only son of an auto worker. My earliest memories are of living in a house on what at that time was Logan Street. There was an old shack next to our house. It was empty. We rented our house from a black woman named Brown. Dad worked Concrete construction at that time. Pumped gas in the winter. Whatever he could do to keep me and four half siblings fed. Mom stayed at home. The house we lived in was just a shack in it's own right. It was heated with a fuel oil stove in the dining room. We didn't have shit. The yard was large, so we had a big garden to grow veggies, and Mom made the bread we ate. All of that is gone now, replaced by big apartment buildings. Ohh and a historical marker. It marks the boyhood home of one Malcolm Little! You might know him as Malcolm X. The road is no longer Logan Street. It is Martin Luther King JR boulevard.
I remember when the black community rose up and demanded that the street be changed. Didn't give a damn about all the money it would cost to businesses and the town it self.
At that time in the center of town, the road was divided with several acres in the middle that was just open land in the ghetto. The city offered to build a memorial park on this land instead. A place where their children could play, safe from the traffic and gangs of the neighborhood. The idea was rejected by the black community in favor of the name change.
I remember reading that Malcolm, just before he died spent some time in Africa. He found
white people working hard for no money to improve the lot of black people they didn't know. That was the bone he was chewing on when he died. Mr Gates, that white man was trying to protect your house from an unknown threat. While SGT Crowley is free to do as he wishes, I don't drink with assholes, and you sir are an asshole.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Hits

So for those that know, Ive suffered a pinched nerve in my back. Had an MRI this morning and will get a shot on Thursday. Hope back to work on Monday, God willing and the river don't rise. We lost some celebs. I'll comment on only two.
Farrah. She was the most beautiful woman of her age. I must have been the only kid I knew that didn't have her poster on my wall. (Didn't do posters)
Michael.........Even you, will I say a prayer for.
It seems Obama can't figure out what to call Putin. Called him the president three times. Someone near to me thinks it was done on purpose. I just think he's a dumb ass.
Palin quiting. I think she should have told Letterman he was a "fucking dirt bag" before leaving. Then we have Levi popping off like he knows something about anything at his age. Shut up boy, the adults are talking. She shouldn't run for president. I still contend that if McCain had picked Mitt we wouldn't have lost.
Please God, keep Obama safe, cause Joe will hurt himself or worse and we'd have Pelosi. I might have to leave then.
For those that think I'm a warmonger, "Butt licking only makes you a Butt licker that needs a mint". It doesn't bring peace, or safety.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Independence Day

In the last post I asked you a question. I thank those of you that took the time to answer.
On this day, the fourth, I will give you my answer and my thoughts on the future.
North Korea. I would tell the Chinese that there will be no more orders for televisions, cars, toothpaste, etc etc until they get a handle on North Korea, and Human Rights in Beijing. I would drop the first missile as it left the peninsula, and then call China.
As my daughter was graduating from boot camp I had the chance to meet an extra ordinary woman in Chicago doing a show with Diane from Canada. She wanted her home back and used art to make her point. Ms Hashemi, I hope your parrot is dead.
Barack missed an opportunity this past week to strike a blow for those fighting for their country in Iran. He should have called a spade a spade, and sent the Navy to provoke the Iranian Military into a fight! Two reasons. One, to pull pressure off of those protesters in the streets, and two to stop the flow of arms to Iraq, and elsewhere. Challenge the straights of Hormuz. Give the people a chance to win a fight. Escalation? Not!
I spoke to a seal that was there ten years ago. He told me of bringing a man home for burial. We have been at war a long time.
Tonight I was reminded that many in our military are there just because it is a job. This is no different then it was in the days of Col Sam Huston, and before. Did George Washington have the full faith and support of everyone? No! He made do with what he had. He crossed the Delaware with what he had. A bunch of losers and nut jobs that didn't know the meaning of defeat! I'm going to make my noise and sing my songs. I'm going to fly my flag. You can join me, or you can kiss my ass. It really is that damn simple.

People, remember, The cream always rises to the top.