Friday, August 29, 2008

The pick

So the Senator from Arizona has made his choice. Most that know me know that I'm a conservative, better known as a republican. So I'm watching the race unfold and wishing for my guy, Duncan Hunter, of San Diego. I get John McCain and....... What the hell? Sarah Palin? Who the hell is this broad? So the Russians and Iranians are going nuts, and I want Reagan, and I get Palin. Awww Shit! She can't even name her kids something that makes sense. Track? Trig? What the hell? She is going to have a nuke football? Awww what the hell? Barry O has no experience, and is a Muslim. Sarah has no experience and is a nut. Guess who just got screwed! Yep..... You and Me!


I want to know what her tax stratagy will be. She raised taxes to the tune of 6 billion dollars on big oil so she could give all Alaskans a check for energy help. Check was for twelve hundred bucks. I wonder who the oil companies passed that cost onto? More later.

Most folks that read this blog know that we have an Alaskan cop that checks in now and then. He says Palin was a good choice, though she is under investigation for firing his friend. Hmmm
My comment about the names of her kids might seem a bit low blow but it speaks to her judgement. Think about it. A kid with downs syndrome. Geez that's tough. Being a handicapper myself I feel for her. So who is going to give the kid all the extra care he needs over his life?
All of this doesn't mean shit against the fact that she has less experience then Barry O. So all the adds that were run the last month are now null and void. We needed lots of help in the Midwest. Romney. Doesn't matter if you like it or not, it is what it is. Will she get my vote? Absolutely. Will I like it? No.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Anyone paying attention to the Red Bear? The thing with Georgia is a civil war, that Russia had no business getting involved in. They don't seem to be leaving either. No reason to. The Georgian army made several mistakes, including not blowing the damn tunnel through the mountains. Once again Vlad the bad wants to back things up thirty years. Yep they are some deadly mofos. We need our assets out of the middle east so we can deal with Vlad and his broken down army. Newsflash, no one is scared of su 25 ground attack planes here. My neighbors would lunch on them. Armour is another matter. If I were in charge, I would sink the lone carrier at Poti, and anything else they had there. No need to try and go back to the Ukrain, they don't want you! One carrier group would eject the Russian Armour from Georgia in a week. The kill rate of an F22 is 6 to 1 against F15's. The 15 has never been beaten by an enemy. Base em somewhere around there. Nukes? Use em if you dare! Will they get out of the silo's? Hell we don't even know if ours will! We do know for a fact that we can knock at least some of their stuff down. Can you hit ours? Stay within your borders, or be put there! Right now it's about the oil that flows through Georgia. They want to comtrol it, and the flow of money. Remember that we broke them a few years ago with a huge economy, They think we can be had with oil. Don't forget to shoot the first Democrat that advocates opening up the strategic oil reserves. We need them to fight a war, not lower Bubba's gas bill. Bottem line, eject these thugs, they won't pull the trigger unless we enter Rissian territory.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


We had a bit of a blow last night. Trees down everywhere but my house. Couple of docks damaged and a house hit. Lots of trees snapped off. I feel fortunate that I had one limb come down, but it hit the neighbors fence. Cleanup begins tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So we got a card in the mail yesterday. Thought it was a very early birthday card. Turns out it was an anniversary card. Ours! We seem to have forgotten it along the way. Thanks to the friend that remembered.
We were talking the other night about family and friends. With D and I so far away from family, it falls to friends to help with life's little crises. Thank god for them. Our neighbors are our family. We have a great group that takes care of one another as only family would. If I could give my daughter one bit of advice it would be to hold your friends close. Polish them as you would fine silver, and you will have everything you need.