Monday, April 30, 2007

Another thing that moves me

I love to watch the Osprey fish!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The boogy man

K so I know it was supposed to be about Jackson and race. Then came Virginia Tech. My oldest Daughter called me from San Diego with car trouble today. I'm grateful that her hubby was with her, and I was able to give advice over the phone that helped them out. (be patient there is a point)
I've always worried about the boogy man. Not for me, but in regards to my family. Tonight as I write this my wife is two states away on business and I'm not there to watch her back. Dear Daughter is across the Continent and I can't get to her either though Indigo Red can and I'd ask if I needed him. As children we learn that many things are false. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, ect ect. We're even taught that the Boogy Man is false. Well we kinda got that one wrong. The boogy man stars in all of the news broadcasts across the land. Some times he's black, or White, or Brown. Some times He's a friend or foe, and some times he is an old friend. I was reading about a gal in (I think) New York that was raped and tortured in her apt for 19 hours before the Boogy Man set fire to the place to hide his crime and left. Oh it was him alright, I'd know the sign anywhere. A creature of the night that appears out of nowhere to inflict pain and suffering on his victim. She used the fire to free herself, but I doubt that the fire will ever purge the memory from her mind. The other day he was at Virginia Tech, hiding in the mind of a tortured soul. May god grant those folks some peace. He has always been around, especially in war zones like Dar fur, Iraq, and Bosnia. He likes the smell of fear and death. He rapes lil girls as he has done in Florida, and kills old men just to watch the show. He seems to show up every day in Iraq, and he stares right into the face of the American military that refuses to blink. He cannot be defeated as he is an eternal being, however he can be subdued and foiled. As we go through this life we must make a choice, to be a victim or victor. When it comes to the Boogy man you must first believe. You must always be willing to fight, as the Israeli professor did by barring the door at the cost of his own life. You must always act!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lets talk about race two

Day two and Imus was fired. Yes I'm psychic but didn't need it to see that one coming. D.A. Mike Nifong apologised today to the three young men he tried so hard to convict of rape. The "victim" didn't. I still don't know why Miss Crystal Gail Mangum doesn't face charges her self. Must be the stereotype again. No-one wants to be guilty of thinking it, and bringing a poor black stripper up on charges won't look good. good thing those fellas had a few million laying around for defence counsel. States Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the charges and called them innocent. Strong words from the prosecution. Nifong is in the fight of his life for his law license. So now the stereotype brings us to the right Reverend Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. Boy I can just see the stereotype clawing at the door! Al as we may remember was the man that came to the aid of one "Tawana Brawley" when she stated she was raped by .... not one not two but... six white men, and held for four days. They found her covered in shit, and racial slurs written on her body in charcoal. Sorry gang, but if I was a white racist rapist with a penchant for writing racial slurs on black victims I'd use an off color.... say maybe WHITE paint? She fingered a local prosecutor named Steven Pagones. I don't know if she fingered anyone else. Turns out she was trying to hide the fact she was skipping school. It's been twenty years and Al still stands by her story. He won't apologise to god himself. Next we go to the right Reverend Jesse Jackson, and his group Rainbow Push, or as it's known in some circles.... Rent a Riot!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lets talk about race

I keep hearing that we never have an honest discussion about race in this country. Part of the reason is that no-one wants to be told that some of the problem lies within ourselves. I'm going to express my thoughts on some issues that have a racial component. We are going to cover Imus, Sharpton, Jackson, Nifong, The black community, and Myself. Lets go back to Imus one more time, but briefly. What Imus was making fun of was a stereotype of Black Women that is often put out there by Black Men. He had every right to say the things he did, and probably felt there was at least some truth in his words. I hate that such a great achievement in the lives of those women will forever be tainted by his right to free speech. The market should have gotten rid of him years ago. He is now being fired by the people that pay his salary; The advertisers. Gee guys glad you could come on board....... It took how long? Over the years he has taken a whack at everybody so now we have some issue with it? Hmmm. What I find far more troubling is that he feels the way he does. What I find far more troubling is that even I to some degree, and many others are willing to accept the stereotype of not only the Black community but the Latin, and the Muslim. Stereotypes exist because of at-least some form of fact, but how much? So you want us white folks to respect you Black women. Which ones? The ones with the 70% illegitimate pregnancy rate? The ones with the 50% high school dropout rate? The ones that walk over from the bus station and offer fellatio for ten bucks? How about the ones that attend our nations colleges and universities and can't speak the English language! Got a news flash for you, Axe isn't the same thing as ask. Never was, and never will be. Lets not get pissy with the Mexicans for not speaking the English language when we don't require it of the Blacks. Dr. Rice uses her esses where they're supposed to be. Oh and another thing; If Nigger is wrong for us it's wrong for you too! While I'm at it, here's a question... Who kills more black people in the United states? White People or Black? Why am I angry about this? How does the stereotype affect us?
Nifong. Nifong sat on evidence that could clear three man of a horrible crime. Why? What was to gain from pissing off folks that were not only innocent but could buy a real defence. Damn fool likely will lose his license to practice law over what looks like a Ho! Don't like the term? Sorry but if you have the semen of multiple persons in you at one time (was it 3 or 5) and you're a stripper and you're telling people that a man raped you that wasn't even there at the time then by moms definition you'd be a whore. So why did Mike Nifong sit on this case? The answer is the stereotype. Had he dismissed it too soon he would be labeled a racist and begot and worse, would lose the Black vote. By sitting on the evidence he will gain the Black vote. It's all in the timing Mike! You know you have to let these guys go at some point but too soon and you lose. Too late and you lose. Guess what... Too late, you lose. Continued

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nappy Headed Hoes

Yeah I was trying to avoid this whole thing with Imus but tonight became too much to bear. Let me start off by saying publicley that someone should step on Al Sharptons neck. He serves no useful purpose under this sun. Second I'd like to point out that Imus is an idiot, not worth the price of a bullet. What I would say is that he was making humor at a steriotype. One that I hate with a passion. So I thought I'd see the reaction from the Rutgers basketball team as a well thought out and educated response. Instead I get some Black woman saying that she would like to "AXE" him a few things..... Uhh Geez you're supposed to be in college.... I thought you'd kick his ass intellectualy....... Uhhh..... AXE? It's time to delve deeper into this subject, and if it makes you uncomfortable then it might be time to visit the Disney blog or something.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The cup three

I bought this flag just after 9/11. We first flew this flag at the cup leading up to the Iraq invasion. I take it with me to the cup as I have every year. I will retire this flag when we are all home again.

Ohh as promised, here is some of the crack I saw at the cup!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cup Three

Ohhh Boy! She has left me for that pale skinny guy! I told you he is shallow and a plastic image of a man!
Ohh well. This gal is a lil short but she has a Rolls.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Cup Two

If you look long enough you can even see a horse or two at the cup.

The Carolina Cup

The "Cup" as we call it is first and foremost a day of horse racing culminating in the 100,000 to win Carolina cup steeplechase race. It's really a show of grand proportions to give a chance to show off the finest in new Easter hats, nice cars, money, pretty bodies and even crack. I will continue to edit this post with new pics over the next few days due to my dial up so don't forget to check back. As you can see, the propper hat is essential for the cup. The butterfly won a blue ribbon. Yes there really are Red Hat Clubs. Don't forget to click on the images.