Friday, April 20, 2007

The boogy man

K so I know it was supposed to be about Jackson and race. Then came Virginia Tech. My oldest Daughter called me from San Diego with car trouble today. I'm grateful that her hubby was with her, and I was able to give advice over the phone that helped them out. (be patient there is a point)
I've always worried about the boogy man. Not for me, but in regards to my family. Tonight as I write this my wife is two states away on business and I'm not there to watch her back. Dear Daughter is across the Continent and I can't get to her either though Indigo Red can and I'd ask if I needed him. As children we learn that many things are false. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, ect ect. We're even taught that the Boogy Man is false. Well we kinda got that one wrong. The boogy man stars in all of the news broadcasts across the land. Some times he's black, or White, or Brown. Some times He's a friend or foe, and some times he is an old friend. I was reading about a gal in (I think) New York that was raped and tortured in her apt for 19 hours before the Boogy Man set fire to the place to hide his crime and left. Oh it was him alright, I'd know the sign anywhere. A creature of the night that appears out of nowhere to inflict pain and suffering on his victim. She used the fire to free herself, but I doubt that the fire will ever purge the memory from her mind. The other day he was at Virginia Tech, hiding in the mind of a tortured soul. May god grant those folks some peace. He has always been around, especially in war zones like Dar fur, Iraq, and Bosnia. He likes the smell of fear and death. He rapes lil girls as he has done in Florida, and kills old men just to watch the show. He seems to show up every day in Iraq, and he stares right into the face of the American military that refuses to blink. He cannot be defeated as he is an eternal being, however he can be subdued and foiled. As we go through this life we must make a choice, to be a victim or victor. When it comes to the Boogy man you must first believe. You must always be willing to fight, as the Israeli professor did by barring the door at the cost of his own life. You must always act!

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