Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lets talk about race

I keep hearing that we never have an honest discussion about race in this country. Part of the reason is that no-one wants to be told that some of the problem lies within ourselves. I'm going to express my thoughts on some issues that have a racial component. We are going to cover Imus, Sharpton, Jackson, Nifong, The black community, and Myself. Lets go back to Imus one more time, but briefly. What Imus was making fun of was a stereotype of Black Women that is often put out there by Black Men. He had every right to say the things he did, and probably felt there was at least some truth in his words. I hate that such a great achievement in the lives of those women will forever be tainted by his right to free speech. The market should have gotten rid of him years ago. He is now being fired by the people that pay his salary; The advertisers. Gee guys glad you could come on board....... It took how long? Over the years he has taken a whack at everybody so now we have some issue with it? Hmmm. What I find far more troubling is that he feels the way he does. What I find far more troubling is that even I to some degree, and many others are willing to accept the stereotype of not only the Black community but the Latin, and the Muslim. Stereotypes exist because of at-least some form of fact, but how much? So you want us white folks to respect you Black women. Which ones? The ones with the 70% illegitimate pregnancy rate? The ones with the 50% high school dropout rate? The ones that walk over from the bus station and offer fellatio for ten bucks? How about the ones that attend our nations colleges and universities and can't speak the English language! Got a news flash for you, Axe isn't the same thing as ask. Never was, and never will be. Lets not get pissy with the Mexicans for not speaking the English language when we don't require it of the Blacks. Dr. Rice uses her esses where they're supposed to be. Oh and another thing; If Nigger is wrong for us it's wrong for you too! While I'm at it, here's a question... Who kills more black people in the United states? White People or Black? Why am I angry about this? How does the stereotype affect us?
Nifong. Nifong sat on evidence that could clear three man of a horrible crime. Why? What was to gain from pissing off folks that were not only innocent but could buy a real defence. Damn fool likely will lose his license to practice law over what looks like a Ho! Don't like the term? Sorry but if you have the semen of multiple persons in you at one time (was it 3 or 5) and you're a stripper and you're telling people that a man raped you that wasn't even there at the time then by moms definition you'd be a whore. So why did Mike Nifong sit on this case? The answer is the stereotype. Had he dismissed it too soon he would be labeled a racist and begot and worse, would lose the Black vote. By sitting on the evidence he will gain the Black vote. It's all in the timing Mike! You know you have to let these guys go at some point but too soon and you lose. Too late and you lose. Guess what... Too late, you lose. Continued

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