Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Pic is of the Mackinaw Bridge, taken from the St Ignace side.
Yeah I know it's been a long time. Lots of things going on in my world, and not much of it good. Reese the Doberman has been diagnosed with

Melanoma. She had surgery to remove it, and will have another to get a better margin. Jesse the Horse seems to have a tumor hiding somewhere. Not sure but have ruled everything else out. Not sure how much time he has. Measuring in months, not years. I need more dental surgery. Remains to be seen how much.

I see that the young girl run down by her Father has died. We need to bring back hanging. The Imam that was killed by the FBI had a great turnout at his funeral. Dearborn Michigan should be the next front in the war against radical islam. Might have to give Dcat her due on this one. She doesn't see any muslims as non-radical. The funeral would suggest she is right. Ever wonder what it's like to be Poland? Russia practising war games of a nuclear variety at them. Obama, you are either the dumbest son of a bitch on the planet, or the evilest. Things are tightening up around here for the rest of us that ducked the first round of recession. Don'tcha wonder where this is going.... Put em all in bread lines to quell dissent. That works well in the cities, but not here in Red Neck Holler. Ammo is still scarce here.