Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

What did you do today? I chose to wait til the evening to make my post, because I don't need to be reminded. I have a Daughter over seas, and a Son-in-law going in a few months. I have bunches of pictures that were sent to me. Some from my wife, some from Andy, and more still from others. I couldn't choose one over the other, and then I thought it was more personal then that. I know my role as a Christian, but find the road too hard to walk at this time. I find the hate is still just below the surface. I don't need to bank the fire. For me it will always burn. So what to do? Turn on the tube? Should be a memorial on every channel. Nope, don't want to hear the talking heads. As I've gotten older I have become somewhat afraid of heights. Don't know when that happened, cause I used to do some crazy shit up high. Anyway, I always go back to the jumpers. People in such hell that a 100 story plunge was the preferred choice. What did you do today? I went for a walk in the woods to be with my God, and pray for the jumpers, and those like me that still hate.

Monday, September 08, 2008


So I've now had the whole summer off, and live at the lake. Cool huh? Not so much.
Having the summer off is great if you have the money and ability to do things that interest you. I spent mine reading. I read until I could no longer see books, and then I modified my puter so that I could read online. (and y'all thought I spent the summer looking at naked pictures) I read anything to occupy the time. If a subject came up, I'd google it. So I learned that a Transman is a woman that becomes a man. (don't ask) I learned that they can function in their own best interests, if you know what I mean.....
I learned that sometimes we don't come out with the right stuff to match who we are. (in my case it was Dale Earnhardts eyes) I learned that from a genetic view, I don't have it so bad.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Surgery went well this morning. So well that I'm posting this myself. Danger of a detachment for a couple weeks but then lessening over time. Doc says the things that could have gone wrong didn't I now need reading glasses... Not sure what I see yet but it is better then the best I've ever seen before. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.

Monday, September 01, 2008

This is it

Well my week has finally come. I'm to have surgery Thursday. Don't have much to say but thanks to all that have called, e mailed, posted and prayed for me. I sure hope it's only gonna be one, but it's his will. No matter what happens I'll have my wife update the blog. Thanks again for being with me.

Update: Surgery scheduled for 9:45 Thursday morning.