Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11

What did you do today? I chose to wait til the evening to make my post, because I don't need to be reminded. I have a Daughter over seas, and a Son-in-law going in a few months. I have bunches of pictures that were sent to me. Some from my wife, some from Andy, and more still from others. I couldn't choose one over the other, and then I thought it was more personal then that. I know my role as a Christian, but find the road too hard to walk at this time. I find the hate is still just below the surface. I don't need to bank the fire. For me it will always burn. So what to do? Turn on the tube? Should be a memorial on every channel. Nope, don't want to hear the talking heads. As I've gotten older I have become somewhat afraid of heights. Don't know when that happened, cause I used to do some crazy shit up high. Anyway, I always go back to the jumpers. People in such hell that a 100 story plunge was the preferred choice. What did you do today? I went for a walk in the woods to be with my God, and pray for the jumpers, and those like me that still hate.

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