Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Investment advice.

How much of your net worth have you lost over the last few months? I don't have a clear idea yet about my wife and I. The river is still rising. Will we be OK? Yes, we paid attention all along, and have a low debt ratio to earnings. Do I think the govt should bail us out? I have no idea, but lean against it. Did anyone see Nancy Pelosi the other night? Instead of telling everyone to work together, she took the opportunity to "blame Bush" and the rest of the GOP. Howd that work out for yah Nancy? Hell no we won't vote for your bill! I see no reason a sane person would ever elect her to office, so how did that happen? I think it's revenge. It is revenge from all the gays in San Francisco for the way the country has treated them. I told you they were some mean asses when you got em going! :) Most of us aren't anti gay, and even if we were..... we're sorry! Please call off your attack critter! Please!
My advice to weather this storm is simple. Buy seeds! Corn and other vegetables should do well in all of the manure Washington is handing out.

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