Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"Evil lurks in the hearts of man, not the haunts of man." Quote from Don on this blog some time ago.
So it's come to this. Everything in life has a time. A time to be, followed by a time to cease to be. I know a couple that own a bar in my neighborhood. It is a little, rundown place on the banks of Lake Murray. The burgers come in 1/3 pound patties that are bought from a meat market. It takes two of them to complete a Dano burger. The fries are hand cut. The folks that inhabit this place are as close as the neighbors that they are to me. The owners, Dan and his wife Lavora, are trusted friends met through the bar. I remember one of the first times I found a seat in the bar. (it was hard to do in the days before the expansion)
A big man came over to our (my wife and I's) booth and introduced himself. He then welcomed us to the neighborhood when told we were building a house near by. He introduced us around, so we would feel comfortable there. I remember telling some co-workers about the place. One told me that they check you for knives at the door. If they don't find one, they issue you one from the kitchen! I never really had problems in there. It could get a bit intense late at night, or when the girls on the dance floor had a bit too much, but I never saw the police there. I remember being there about one Christmas and seeing some bags of fresh shelled pecans on the bar. They were for sale for about seven bucks each. Danelle, (my wife) thought we should buy some so that she could make her holiday rum balls. I asked Dano about them, and he told me that he had a friend that was blind, and he shelled the nuts and was trying to sell them. We told Dan that we would take a bag for our rum balls, and to please add it to our tab. No! Came the reply, as he gave me the nuts and asked if we would bring him some of the rum balls. He was willing to donate the rum as well! He bought the pecans, so we bought the rum, and everyone got rum balls. continued.

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