Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Birthday

So on my birthday, I wanted just one thing. I wanted someone to stop the Muslim from his dis-manteling of America.
Sit down Barry, and shut up Nancy!
Thank You America!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams

The people that read this blog have been doing so for years and therefor know me.
These are my opinions, and only my opinions. They don't reflect the opinions of my employer or family members or even the neighbors cat! (that I know of)
As you can tell by the two post's before this, we will stand and be counted. I am my fathers son after all.
Juan Williams is a liberal twit that makes me want to puke most days. Today I find myself in the damn odd position of.... wait for it.... agreeing with him! Yep, muslims on an airplane make me nervous too! The garbage that killed those on 9-11 did so in the name of Allah, and ....wait for it.......islam! They did not do this in the name of Peaches and Herb, or any other obscure seventies music act!
So Juan thinks like most of the rest of us. I'll be damned. Whodathunkit!

Monday, October 18, 2010

You did what? Two

In keeping with Don's comment, it was much the same at our house.
Mom walked in to wake Dad, and got grabbed and thrown onto the bed with hands on throat.
He kissed her and asked her to never do that again. Just say his name quietly and he would answer. This is what I did as a kid growing up. All I had to do was say "Dad" in a normal tone once. He would answer me.
One of his neighbors had a bunch of kids. One of the Daughters was and still is in the Marines. Dad was napping in the yard when she went outside to practice with her trumpet.She played Boots and Saddles. He was up like a shot!
Some things you never forget, even into your seventies.
So Dad told me that he was a guest of the North Koreans for three days, when their position was over run.
He said that they would roll a ball of sticky rice across the dirty floor to you. If you reached out to take it they would strike you on the hand with a cane with a cartridge attached to it. They would then say Dong Ho? (Sp?) Does it hurt?
He wouldn't eat the rice. Said he lost a bunch of weight in three days.
I asked him how he got out of that? He said the Rope Runners came and got him.
"Rope Runners?" I asked him? The 101st Airborne. Fitting, as Dad was 11Th Airborne.
As I have aged I have come to understand that I know very little of the man I call Dad.
The man that used to come home after 10 to 12 hours at the plant, and drop his lunch pail at the steps on his way to pick up his ball glove is just one small part.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Did What?

So I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day. He tells me how to tame a gun that I bought. Seems I need to strap it to my arm to hold it down. He would know. This type weapon was used against him in Korea.
So we never had rice when Dad was home when I was a kid. We didn't eat Chicken either. I found out about the rice just this week.
Dad never talked about the war much. He would tell us kids things that we could use in our day to day lives to make things easier, but seldom blood and guts. He won a battle field commission while there. He declined. I only know of this through my Mother. I know that when he got home he slept a lot.
My Uncle Edward, of Iwo Jima fame picked at him some.
He ran into Dads bedroom one night screaming Asian words and jumped on the bed!
Grandpa pulled Dad off before Ed got killed. Ed was 6'4" and 260#. He had Dad by about 50# and was a Martial arts instructor. Dad was jamming Ed between the bed and the wall head first! Continued

Monday, August 09, 2010


So the wife had business in Austin Texas, and took me along for the ride. First impressions were 'what a nice city". Second impression was of Sixth Street. Sixth is a cross between Animal House, American Pie, all hell broke loose, with Willie Nelson thrown in for good measure. It is wall to wall bars, and every one has live music. Some not good, but most great! Those folks flat bring it, starting at Five pm and end it I don't know when cause I couldn't stay up that late. It is the short skirt and girl tattoo capitol of the world. While I could do without the tatoo's I didn't mind the skirts.... Hmmm.
We caught a band called The South side Ramblers, and I thought they were the best I heard the whole trip.
I met some interesting people while there, though the two that stand out were not from there.
I met retired Senior Chief Juan, a Cuban American. His pet peeve, people that speak to him in Spanish. He told me of a girl at a McDonald's that kept speaking to him in Spanish even though he spoke in English. He did have to tell her that Miami was indeed in the United Sates, and the language of business was English!
I met a Gabbie from the Sudan. His big bitch? Illegals and the crime they bring. He also didn't like that he had to be able to speak Spanish to qualify for some government jobs. He said he was glad to learn English, and in America that should be enough. He works hard at two jobs so that he can have some things, and would like the folks in Washington to get out of his pocket. He told me that in Sudan, you work you eat. He is a handicapper as well.
Folks as bad as it seems, We're not done yet!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Wife and I were riding into town on Sunday to get a bite and drop off more cash to Lowe's home improvement store. We were in her Chevy, and therefore knew what the outside temp was. It read 102 degrees. In front and one lane over was a truck that had of all things, a dog in the open back. Mans best friend wasn't fit to ride in the air conditioning. Shit like that makes me want to hurt people.

So I was reading about this fella called Duch. He was the head of the Khmer Rouge Death Camp. He killed or was responsible for the deaths of sixteen thousand people. He got 35 years. Nineteen after time served and such. What can you do when killing them isn't punishment enough? I doubt he lives long enough to get out, but he might. (he's 67)
I believe he should have been tied to a stake and let the victims piss on him for a week, then shoot in head.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where have I been?

Hey gang! sorry to have been quiet for so long. Reasons as follows. Summer time. Extra yard work and busy at my job. Have lots to say about a bunch of stuff but can't find a nice way to express my self. Not sure how some of the things I might say would affect my job, or the way people perceive me. I don't care that some folks might not like what I have to say, but I do care that they understand what I'm trying to say. I don't want to be labeled a bigot or racist for instance, because of my anti illegal alien stance. So here are some quick hits. Things that make me go ???WTF???.
Paco and the boys down south like flying the Mexican flag all over the place but won't stay there and improve the lot of their own country. I could get all up in this debate, but I won't. Hey Paco! No papers no stay! Comprendo?
I see the Iroquois Lacrosse team has been denied access to England due to the use of their own passports. Got to have US or Canadian. It seems that they and some other tribes are a sovereign nation. How does that work? You can be an American or Canadian when it suits you, and an Iroquois when you want? Do you get health care? What about social security? Welfare? If I'm paying your freight then you are an American. If I'm not, then I don't give a damn what windmills you want to joust.
I'd like to point out to the atheists using a blow dryer to un-baptize people, you make my point for me. If you truly don't believe, then that hair dryer wouldn't be necessary. Oh by the way, once in the masters hand, even you can't remove yourself. Dumb asses.
Last but not least, The NAACP. Calling the tea party people racist is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Whats this shit about wanting to make neverland a park? Good idea! lets pay homage to that weirdo pervert that had more money than sense.
Keep your guns clean, and lend a neighbor a hand with his.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oil Continued

So the wife and I went to Pensacola beach to eat a meal at out fav Seafood restaurant. (Peg leg Pete's) She began taking me to this beach when we first started dating. I got a sunburn under my arms from the reflection off of the sand that first year. On a sunny day the sand is blinding white, and the waters blue green. On the day of these pics there was a thunderstorm, but just as beautiful. One of the things that I noticed about Pensacola on this last trip was the effect of the economy around town. We got a room at an extended stay place with a full kitchen and a living room for around eighty a night. There was a Bennigans across the parking lot from us but it was shut down. Same with a Steak and Ale a block up. Same with some other Hotels and motels in the area. The thing that really stood out was the empty Billboard signs everywhere. No-one was advertising. Room on the most beautiful beaches in the world and now an oil slick. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that make a living off of the white sand and the fish and oyster beds.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Our Trip

Pics are of Pensacola Beach on Friday. Mrs C and I had business in LA (lower Alabama) on Thursday and Friday. We went to the beach for lunch, and to join all the rest that were getting their last look at a pristine beach before the oil got there. Continued.

Monday, April 12, 2010


So we got a new person at work this past week. He is from Poland. I'm kind of partial to pols as I'm one my self. Well half anyway. The other is Irish. (think you can drink with me?)
While I don't think this person is a rocket scientist when it comes to cars or politics, He has some interesting things to say about some other groups. "The Russians" he says, are killers. Not to be trusted, period! I said " The girls are hot though". He said the good genetics didn't extend to the mind. I concur. My condolences to him and all of the Polish people at this time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party

So I hear some protesters called some members of the Congressional Black Caucus Niggers. Charlie Rangel says there are no black people in these groups. Nothing gets past him! Charlie, there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that produce, and those that consume. When it comes to Health care and Black people, I'm guessing they're more of a consumer. I'm also guessing that Whitey is gonna run out of money before he runs out of poor black folks to pay for. By my numbers, using the cost from the CBO I think the wife and I are gonna be on the hook for a couple of thou a piece in the first year. A little help here? We need our black brothers and sisters to stand with us and help lift this country, not stand and watch with your hand out. Think I'm a racist? Nope! I'm a realist. when the entitled group becomes bigger then the providers, everyone loses.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Rights

House Bill 3509 has passed the house and Senate here in SC.
In a nutshell it says that the feds can't order us to do anything that is not ordained by the Constitution of the United Sates.
It mentions the right to keep and bear arms specifically, but not limited to just that. South Carolina also recognises the rights of other states to do the same. In other words. You can keep your change. We along with Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, and Alaska will keep our guns and our freedoms.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And were back

New changes coming. Some you will see, and some you won't. Once again, Blogger comments until we find something we like better.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to blogger comments

I have decided not to upgrade to Echo commenting, and instead just use the blogger form for now. If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to hear them. I'm going to reinstall the widgets as I can. So be patient. Pick is looking out Coton Grill in Lexington South Carolina. There is a fountain in the Mill pond.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


No commenting until I get it fixed. Sorry.
Please stand by.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hat tip to

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What the ????

When I first came to South Carolina I was told, "The only thing between us and hell is a screen door!"

It froze last night.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


So everyone knows that I'm a GM guy. Always have been. I do own other brands, but not Toyota. Why? Over rated in the quality hype. Don't like em.
What do I make of this sticking gas pedal thing? Not much. Pull the damn floor mat back if it gets stuck. I hate that four lives were lost in a runaway Lexus, but!!!!!!! Why did they call 911? Why not calmly, shift the car into neutral, and then use the brake to stop the car. Do I think the cars are safe? Yes. I did hear from a friend that one in his family did slow down to an idle a couple of times though. Still safe as long as it isn't in front of me, on my way home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go!

First for John. I was doing great until about a week ago. I now have some iritis and a dry cornea. It makes it hard to use this box, so don't expect replies to all comments.

Massachusetts..... We might be saved by WHO? The revolution has begun at the ballot box.
Couple of votes coming up in SC. The roll call vote. Says you're on record with how you voted in the legislature of this state.
Sovereignty. Says that We need only accept that which is bound by the constitution of the united states. Not the nation of Pelosi/Reid. Lets get this right and Tom won't have to rant about it.
So I heard that the senate might try and block the seating of Brown if he wins. One word for you. Don't! Enough is enough, and you can and will be brought back to earth.
I am at a loss for words to describe how much these people piss me off.
I'm off to see if Messatwoshits can fix some of this.