Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Rights

House Bill 3509 has passed the house and Senate here in SC.
In a nutshell it says that the feds can't order us to do anything that is not ordained by the Constitution of the United Sates.
It mentions the right to keep and bear arms specifically, but not limited to just that. South Carolina also recognises the rights of other states to do the same. In other words. You can keep your change. We along with Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, and Alaska will keep our guns and our freedoms.


dcat said...

We just got our flag last week Tom C :)

Our house is still standing too!

ThatMan said...

Tom ya damn Yankee!!! Welcome to the fight...your only 150 years late!!!!

Tom C said...

Sorry gang, I had to start Word Verification. The machine spam was getting worse.

Tom C said...

by my math it will cost each of us an additional three hundred bucks a year in tax. Including children. Those on the lower end will be taken care of by the rest of us. I expect that my wife and I will be on the hook for a couple of grand more at least.
Lets not forget what happens when Pablo and his wife and 16 kids files a discrimination suit.

dcat said...

Oh but Tom C,

I have lawyers that are family and I'm sure pablo can't afford to lose! :) is this where you all call me a spoiled little rich girl! :D