Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane post

Mrs. C took me to New Orleans for a week on business some years ago. We were watching the coverage on Fox News and she reminded me of a sight we saw. We were staying at the hyatt across from the superdome, and decided to forgo the shuttle to the Quarter and walk. As we walked along you could see ahead there was a crazy woman ranting and cursing in front of us about a block. She was a tall and well built black woman wearing a bright yellow sun dress. She looked very beautiful but for the yelling and cursing. She also got physical with a few trash cans along the way. All of the pedestrians crossed to the other side of the street until they were about a block past her. We wondered if someone is taking care of those people during this time. We hope and pray, may God feed and cover those that can't themselves.

New post

I have been very busy lately landscaping the yard and taking care of my other obligations. I saw that dcat had commented about the top down season almost being over for her. It is just beginning here. Makes me want to get to work on wifes roadster. (don't know where the time will come from) I am creating a spot in the yard for the memory of a woman I hardy knew. Her name was Miss Jo. She was the one that took me to meet and get my red Doberman, Reese, yes like the peanut butter cup. She was a tireless worker for the Doberman rescue in the in the area. When she died, we went and bought a white bench from her estate. I have painted it green and put it in a shaded place in the yard looking out at the water. It sits next to a small creek that flows in the spring. I have also planted a Chaste tree in front of the house. I have a pic but you know who got his nose in the act! Love you too Cooper. Found a snake skin out there too! On a more serious matter, if you have any prayers to use, I think New Orleans could use them. That is one of my favorite cites to visit, I hope it is still there after this storm.
Ps sorry no pics. Won't load.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

More on God

It has been said that the devil is everywhere, even in the churches fighting his fight. So is god. We went out to eat at the local bar yesterday, kind of a redneck and biker bar. Most folks know everyone in there by sight if not by name. The conversation was of a regular that is battling cancer, and losing fast. He has no family except the patrons of that bar. In the last week one of them has moved in with him to take care of him and be there when hospice can't. He wanted to come and spend a little time with his friends, looking out at the lake and having a beer. They went to get a wheel chair and then him for a while. I have seen some nasty things in that bar, but also some wonderful acts by very good people. The battle rages on.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

One last shot.

Hi all, I didn't run away. I did enjoy a weekend in the mountains not to far from Dons neck o the woods. I got to see the train wreck from the movie The Fugitive, and some nice scenery. I don't particularly like mountains but they seem to recharge me. I had one more piece of bad news, my daughter called and left me a message that one of the girls in my neighborhood died of cancer. She died about 4 months after her husband. We were never that close, but never that far either. She had my back a few times, and I hers as we grew up. Sylvia, I will always remember your eyes, and your smile. Now you will light up more then just the room you enter!
Had my first court ordered counseling session. Mostly just orientation, but some other stuff too. I thought it was very powerful, and worth the price of admission. John if you're lurking, you too should give it a try. They tell me that they can show you why you are an ass, and how to fix it.(if possible)
On a final note I would like to thank all of you for standing with me and offering your support. It is great to know that you are there!

Friday, August 05, 2005

I love you Unk!

Tonight I learned of the passing of my favorite uncle from my dads side. He was a very spiritual man, that believed in the hereafter with a passion. I come from a blue collar family that does hard work. He was a concrete man as was my dad, and I in my younger days. In my hometown you can't walk a mile without seeing a tree that I planted or a sidewalk he laid. We shared many projects together, that combined both our skills. When my mother died, he was there to help me load her into the hearse when the snow kept the pallbearers away. I am glad that I had the chance to tell you that I love you. May god bless you uncle Leonard C

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I think I need a priest

I was supposed to start my court ordered counseling yesterday. I got off work an hour early to get there.Just outside of town I took my eye off the road for a sec and when I looked up there was a blazer in front of me going very slow. I rearended it, sending it into a ditch. It rolled I think once, tossing three kids around like dolls inside. I don't know how anyone is, except me. I'm ok with just a twingy neck. The Grandfather of the kids came over to me to check on me and tell me it was just bumps and bruises. I hope he was right. I don't know what is going on with my life right now, but it is getting hard to see the bright side of anything. No prayers for me but if you could spare a few for a woman named Vicky Anderson and her children I would appreciate it.