Sunday, August 28, 2005

New post

I have been very busy lately landscaping the yard and taking care of my other obligations. I saw that dcat had commented about the top down season almost being over for her. It is just beginning here. Makes me want to get to work on wifes roadster. (don't know where the time will come from) I am creating a spot in the yard for the memory of a woman I hardy knew. Her name was Miss Jo. She was the one that took me to meet and get my red Doberman, Reese, yes like the peanut butter cup. She was a tireless worker for the Doberman rescue in the in the area. When she died, we went and bought a white bench from her estate. I have painted it green and put it in a shaded place in the yard looking out at the water. It sits next to a small creek that flows in the spring. I have also planted a Chaste tree in front of the house. I have a pic but you know who got his nose in the act! Love you too Cooper. Found a snake skin out there too! On a more serious matter, if you have any prayers to use, I think New Orleans could use them. That is one of my favorite cites to visit, I hope it is still there after this storm.
Ps sorry no pics. Won't load.

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