Thursday, May 29, 2008


The pic is of my Son-in-law. No you can't see him but he is there. He is hidden behind the splash of water that he is making as he fell off the tube. I thought it fitting to use that pic at this time. Now you see what I sometimes see!
Surgery update is as follows: No real word out of Emory yet. We are supposed to hear something today or tomorrow. Next option is Charleston.
I had a great time with the kids this week, even sharing in the joy of my daughters promotion to Petty officer. My Son-in-law brought me a hoodie with the insignia of his unit on it. He is with a group that my friend A.J calls " the bump in the night". It's cool as it is the one they wear, and not the one you can buy.
I did pass on the message from John, that they should refuse to deploy, and write poetry instead. John, they were amused but respectful. I have asked for a pic of my Son-in-law with a camel, and for their safe return.

A special note of thanks to Bruce and A.J. from work for calling to check up on me. The gift of your friendship is more prescious then gold!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday night

First pic is standing on my dock looking out to the ski cove. Second pic is my Doberman guarding the sleeping dog behind her. If something were to comeup she would turn and wake him before running for the house!
So I've been off work for a week now, and am starting to run out of things to do. I find I miss being at work and the banter back and forth of the guys. I was with them for ten years, and even the new guys (Bill and Michael) I've grown fond of and miss. I don't worry much about going blind, as I already am.
My records have been sent to Emory to be looked at by their big gun, meanwhile I wait.
In other news, my daughter is going to be here for this week on her pre-deployment leave. My son in law is coming also. The news I didn't tell you is that he will be deployed to Iraq just before she comes home.
Newlyweds apart for a year and a half. (sucks to be them!)
I'm going to smoke a turkey like at thanksgiving so we can have a holiday meal together.
Remember when we were kids? I do. We used to play softball every day. We all had the Huffy bikes with the Banana seats and the high rise handlebars. You could put the bottom of your bat in the rear forks, and it would stick out the side. A glove could go on the handlebars or the bat. We would ride down to the elementary school two blocks from my house to play ball every day. Back then I didn't know I was blind. My friends never told me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Morning

It's Tuesday morning. I've just come in from watching the sun come up over the lake while drinking my coffee. My wife took me into town yesterday, so that I might put the rest of my tools away. It might be awhile before I can pick them up again. In little more then a years time I've gone from having the beginning signs of a cataract to needing surgery. My doc tells me that she will find "the experts expert" to fix my one remaining eye. A team. People with skilled hands to fix whatever damage might occur during the procedure. People that have been down this road before. The odds of a good outcome in normal people is around 98%, but I'm sure reader and friend John from Canada wouldn't be impressed. He landed in the 2% group.
The only odds of success I've found for people with my problems is around 25%.
It's Tuesday morning, and I'm going outside to be in the sun.