Thursday, May 29, 2008


The pic is of my Son-in-law. No you can't see him but he is there. He is hidden behind the splash of water that he is making as he fell off the tube. I thought it fitting to use that pic at this time. Now you see what I sometimes see!
Surgery update is as follows: No real word out of Emory yet. We are supposed to hear something today or tomorrow. Next option is Charleston.
I had a great time with the kids this week, even sharing in the joy of my daughters promotion to Petty officer. My Son-in-law brought me a hoodie with the insignia of his unit on it. He is with a group that my friend A.J calls " the bump in the night". It's cool as it is the one they wear, and not the one you can buy.
I did pass on the message from John, that they should refuse to deploy, and write poetry instead. John, they were amused but respectful. I have asked for a pic of my Son-in-law with a camel, and for their safe return.

A special note of thanks to Bruce and A.J. from work for calling to check up on me. The gift of your friendship is more prescious then gold!

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