Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oil Continued

So the wife and I went to Pensacola beach to eat a meal at out fav Seafood restaurant. (Peg leg Pete's) She began taking me to this beach when we first started dating. I got a sunburn under my arms from the reflection off of the sand that first year. On a sunny day the sand is blinding white, and the waters blue green. On the day of these pics there was a thunderstorm, but just as beautiful. One of the things that I noticed about Pensacola on this last trip was the effect of the economy around town. We got a room at an extended stay place with a full kitchen and a living room for around eighty a night. There was a Bennigans across the parking lot from us but it was shut down. Same with a Steak and Ale a block up. Same with some other Hotels and motels in the area. The thing that really stood out was the empty Billboard signs everywhere. No-one was advertising. Room on the most beautiful beaches in the world and now an oil slick. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that make a living off of the white sand and the fish and oyster beds.

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