Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams

The people that read this blog have been doing so for years and therefor know me.
These are my opinions, and only my opinions. They don't reflect the opinions of my employer or family members or even the neighbors cat! (that I know of)
As you can tell by the two post's before this, we will stand and be counted. I am my fathers son after all.
Juan Williams is a liberal twit that makes me want to puke most days. Today I find myself in the damn odd position of.... wait for it.... agreeing with him! Yep, muslims on an airplane make me nervous too! The garbage that killed those on 9-11 did so in the name of Allah, and ....wait for it.......islam! They did not do this in the name of Peaches and Herb, or any other obscure seventies music act!
So Juan thinks like most of the rest of us. I'll be damned. Whodathunkit!

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Anonymous said...

If they didn't make us nervous it would mean we were too stupid to be aware of the threat. Don