Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Did What?

So I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day. He tells me how to tame a gun that I bought. Seems I need to strap it to my arm to hold it down. He would know. This type weapon was used against him in Korea.
So we never had rice when Dad was home when I was a kid. We didn't eat Chicken either. I found out about the rice just this week.
Dad never talked about the war much. He would tell us kids things that we could use in our day to day lives to make things easier, but seldom blood and guts. He won a battle field commission while there. He declined. I only know of this through my Mother. I know that when he got home he slept a lot.
My Uncle Edward, of Iwo Jima fame picked at him some.
He ran into Dads bedroom one night screaming Asian words and jumped on the bed!
Grandpa pulled Dad off before Ed got killed. Ed was 6'4" and 260#. He had Dad by about 50# and was a Martial arts instructor. Dad was jamming Ed between the bed and the wall head first! Continued

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Anonymous said...

My Dad made the mistake of shaking my shoulder to wake me when I was home on leave between tours in Nam. I pinned him over backwards on my dresser before the fog lifted. Don