Monday, April 12, 2010


So we got a new person at work this past week. He is from Poland. I'm kind of partial to pols as I'm one my self. Well half anyway. The other is Irish. (think you can drink with me?)
While I don't think this person is a rocket scientist when it comes to cars or politics, He has some interesting things to say about some other groups. "The Russians" he says, are killers. Not to be trusted, period! I said " The girls are hot though". He said the good genetics didn't extend to the mind. I concur. My condolences to him and all of the Polish people at this time.


dcat said...

No problem Tom. I quit after one.
Since I don't have Irish or anything else in me. ;)

May they rest in peace.

Indigo Red said...

I drank an Aussie under the table once.
I've heard that about Russians before. It would be easy to say it's a result of communism and the USSR, but other countries and peoples were part of the Evil Empire and they aren't the pathological killers Russians are said to be. Wonder what causes that?

WKF said...

Cold and vodka cause that. Too much time indoors. If I was stuck inside all the time and drunk I'd probably want to kill everybody too.

Hey T- N is Polish and Irish too and German. Beer and Brats!!

John said...

Tommy how's life. I'm maybe three- quarters Irish. You know how it's always hard to define heritage (in terms of being 100% certain) because after a dozen jars or more we've both probably found ourselves whatever landed in the lap, so to speak!

I'm pretty sure I could drink with you! Let's take it up, at some point!

As for killers, I'd say Russians might be in the top ten. American's aren't lagging behind though! Seems like they murder with the same facilitry as Russians..same percentage of serial killers I'm sure!

dcat said...

I'll drink to anyone that can take john out!

Tom C said...

What do you base that on John? America carries the blood of all other nations. I don't think we use our strength in a bad way.
As for drinking, you've been invited to my home on more than one occasion. Lets not let the time grow too late.

RG said...

My father and his fellow dismounts opened up on and killed 10,000 Japanese troops in 20 minutes in a South Pacific Island harbor while the enemy were trying to unload from three Japanese troop carriers.

I highly recommend our enemies never, ever, ever make the mistake of forgeting how lethal a killer the United States Military is.

Have a good day.