Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lets talk about race two

Day two and Imus was fired. Yes I'm psychic but didn't need it to see that one coming. D.A. Mike Nifong apologised today to the three young men he tried so hard to convict of rape. The "victim" didn't. I still don't know why Miss Crystal Gail Mangum doesn't face charges her self. Must be the stereotype again. No-one wants to be guilty of thinking it, and bringing a poor black stripper up on charges won't look good. good thing those fellas had a few million laying around for defence counsel. States Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the charges and called them innocent. Strong words from the prosecution. Nifong is in the fight of his life for his law license. So now the stereotype brings us to the right Reverend Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. Boy I can just see the stereotype clawing at the door! Al as we may remember was the man that came to the aid of one "Tawana Brawley" when she stated she was raped by .... not one not two but... six white men, and held for four days. They found her covered in shit, and racial slurs written on her body in charcoal. Sorry gang, but if I was a white racist rapist with a penchant for writing racial slurs on black victims I'd use an off color.... say maybe WHITE paint? She fingered a local prosecutor named Steven Pagones. I don't know if she fingered anyone else. Turns out she was trying to hide the fact she was skipping school. It's been twenty years and Al still stands by her story. He won't apologise to god himself. Next we go to the right Reverend Jesse Jackson, and his group Rainbow Push, or as it's known in some circles.... Rent a Riot!

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