Friday, August 29, 2008

The pick

So the Senator from Arizona has made his choice. Most that know me know that I'm a conservative, better known as a republican. So I'm watching the race unfold and wishing for my guy, Duncan Hunter, of San Diego. I get John McCain and....... What the hell? Sarah Palin? Who the hell is this broad? So the Russians and Iranians are going nuts, and I want Reagan, and I get Palin. Awww Shit! She can't even name her kids something that makes sense. Track? Trig? What the hell? She is going to have a nuke football? Awww what the hell? Barry O has no experience, and is a Muslim. Sarah has no experience and is a nut. Guess who just got screwed! Yep..... You and Me!


I want to know what her tax stratagy will be. She raised taxes to the tune of 6 billion dollars on big oil so she could give all Alaskans a check for energy help. Check was for twelve hundred bucks. I wonder who the oil companies passed that cost onto? More later.

Most folks that read this blog know that we have an Alaskan cop that checks in now and then. He says Palin was a good choice, though she is under investigation for firing his friend. Hmmm
My comment about the names of her kids might seem a bit low blow but it speaks to her judgement. Think about it. A kid with downs syndrome. Geez that's tough. Being a handicapper myself I feel for her. So who is going to give the kid all the extra care he needs over his life?
All of this doesn't mean shit against the fact that she has less experience then Barry O. So all the adds that were run the last month are now null and void. We needed lots of help in the Midwest. Romney. Doesn't matter if you like it or not, it is what it is. Will she get my vote? Absolutely. Will I like it? No.

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