Monday, August 18, 2008


Anyone paying attention to the Red Bear? The thing with Georgia is a civil war, that Russia had no business getting involved in. They don't seem to be leaving either. No reason to. The Georgian army made several mistakes, including not blowing the damn tunnel through the mountains. Once again Vlad the bad wants to back things up thirty years. Yep they are some deadly mofos. We need our assets out of the middle east so we can deal with Vlad and his broken down army. Newsflash, no one is scared of su 25 ground attack planes here. My neighbors would lunch on them. Armour is another matter. If I were in charge, I would sink the lone carrier at Poti, and anything else they had there. No need to try and go back to the Ukrain, they don't want you! One carrier group would eject the Russian Armour from Georgia in a week. The kill rate of an F22 is 6 to 1 against F15's. The 15 has never been beaten by an enemy. Base em somewhere around there. Nukes? Use em if you dare! Will they get out of the silo's? Hell we don't even know if ours will! We do know for a fact that we can knock at least some of their stuff down. Can you hit ours? Stay within your borders, or be put there! Right now it's about the oil that flows through Georgia. They want to comtrol it, and the flow of money. Remember that we broke them a few years ago with a huge economy, They think we can be had with oil. Don't forget to shoot the first Democrat that advocates opening up the strategic oil reserves. We need them to fight a war, not lower Bubba's gas bill. Bottem line, eject these thugs, they won't pull the trigger unless we enter Rissian territory.

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