Friday, July 03, 2009

Independence Day

In the last post I asked you a question. I thank those of you that took the time to answer.
On this day, the fourth, I will give you my answer and my thoughts on the future.
North Korea. I would tell the Chinese that there will be no more orders for televisions, cars, toothpaste, etc etc until they get a handle on North Korea, and Human Rights in Beijing. I would drop the first missile as it left the peninsula, and then call China.
As my daughter was graduating from boot camp I had the chance to meet an extra ordinary woman in Chicago doing a show with Diane from Canada. She wanted her home back and used art to make her point. Ms Hashemi, I hope your parrot is dead.
Barack missed an opportunity this past week to strike a blow for those fighting for their country in Iran. He should have called a spade a spade, and sent the Navy to provoke the Iranian Military into a fight! Two reasons. One, to pull pressure off of those protesters in the streets, and two to stop the flow of arms to Iraq, and elsewhere. Challenge the straights of Hormuz. Give the people a chance to win a fight. Escalation? Not!
I spoke to a seal that was there ten years ago. He told me of bringing a man home for burial. We have been at war a long time.
Tonight I was reminded that many in our military are there just because it is a job. This is no different then it was in the days of Col Sam Huston, and before. Did George Washington have the full faith and support of everyone? No! He made do with what he had. He crossed the Delaware with what he had. A bunch of losers and nut jobs that didn't know the meaning of defeat! I'm going to make my noise and sing my songs. I'm going to fly my flag. You can join me, or you can kiss my ass. It really is that damn simple.

People, remember, The cream always rises to the top.

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