Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Hits

So for those that know, Ive suffered a pinched nerve in my back. Had an MRI this morning and will get a shot on Thursday. Hope back to work on Monday, God willing and the river don't rise. We lost some celebs. I'll comment on only two.
Farrah. She was the most beautiful woman of her age. I must have been the only kid I knew that didn't have her poster on my wall. (Didn't do posters)
Michael.........Even you, will I say a prayer for.
It seems Obama can't figure out what to call Putin. Called him the president three times. Someone near to me thinks it was done on purpose. I just think he's a dumb ass.
Palin quiting. I think she should have told Letterman he was a "fucking dirt bag" before leaving. Then we have Levi popping off like he knows something about anything at his age. Shut up boy, the adults are talking. She shouldn't run for president. I still contend that if McCain had picked Mitt we wouldn't have lost.
Please God, keep Obama safe, cause Joe will hurt himself or worse and we'd have Pelosi. I might have to leave then.
For those that think I'm a warmonger, "Butt licking only makes you a Butt licker that needs a mint". It doesn't bring peace, or safety.

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