Sunday, February 04, 2007

A nation at war

At this time last year my son in law was representing his country and the U.S. Navy In the super bowl. He was a member of the color guard, carrying the flag of the United States Navy. While I got to see everything from scantily clad girls to Tony The Dancing Bear, the faces of our honor guard were hidden behind the flags.
They had about three seconds of air time. Less time then it took the jets to fly over. Somebody needs to remember that these young men and women are more then just decoration and dressing on the plate of America. Not once or twice but every time you see a young person in uniform you must understand the sacrifice that goes into it. The many hours away from Moms and Dads Sisters Brothers Husbands Wives and Children. The many people that love them. The potential to serve and be killed in a foreign land for people that we don't understand is ever greater. I for one find their few moments of fame to be far too fleeting in the face of all that they do. While I will not rail against the masses for their complacence, I will feel it and do what I can to ensure that every service member knows that someone gives a damn and is watching. We give to you o world the best that springs forth from our being. Our flesh and blood, our beloved. Children with our courage and vision. They will try to guarantee the future for one and all upon this planet. To you that are awake to their plight I ask a prayer. To you that are not, I pray for you!

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