Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shrillary and the flag

Pics are of the African American Monument and the Confederate Battle flag on our State House Grounds. Follow up to Indigo Red As most of you know, The Yankee Bitch was here this week. One of the first things she did was to call for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the SC State House grounds. It really isn't my issue but hey, whats one more Yankees opinion. When I first arrived in SC I noticed that they flew the Battle flag on the dome of the state capital. It was tucked under Old Glory and the state flag so I had no problem with their pride in heritage. Also I'm a fan of more states rights and that is what the flag represents to me. In a battle with the NAACP the flag was taken down from the dome and moved to a small flag pole on the main entrance. It now flies in front of the statue of Strom Thurmond. This was a compromise between the state and the NAACP. This compromise was never truly accepted by the NAACP, and they fight to this day for the removal of the flag. In an effort to get the minority vote every Democrat presidential candidate also calls for its removal. The confederate heritage folks have a saying about all of this. So you've made it about race. Now it's off the dome and in your face! While I don't agree with that I do understand how they feel. A compromise was reached so live with it. That flag is their heritage, their monument. Blacks have their own flag that for a while flew on their monument. It's bad enough that the blacks are always using the race card, now we have Hillary too! Outsiders like Hillary And I and the national NAACP have no dog in this fight.

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