Thursday, May 12, 2005

The American Soldier

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. Some of our young folks go away to the army, navy, ect ect, and are leaving home for the first time. Some do very well, like Johnny, a Marine. I used to hire him to help me in the yard for weekend money. Love you son, hope you enjoy China, and the new bride.
Some of the kids don't have such an easy time. My own daughter lost her bid to be a navy nurse due to a stomach problem.
One young man, often on my mind is a Pvt in training. He was my youngest daughters first friend in S.C. He had about two years of JROTC in high School, and wanted to enlist after graduation. By his mothers accounts he was a troubled teen, getting into all manner of mischief.
In his last letter it is clear that he isn't doing as well as he or the Army would like. I will excerpt some of the letter for you to see first hand what he is dealing with.
"I really miss you and everyone a lot, I'm going to try to make it through but I can get out later if I want. That makes me want to succeed"......
"I know that you are very proud of what I am doing, but are scared because of the war. Even my mother may not agree with what I am doing because of her religion, but it is the correct thing for me. I am not worried about going to war, evan though there is a chance I might not come back. The army will train me to succeed in my mission. If I have kids, I don't want to have to tell them I was in the army and couldn't cut it. Not only will my family think about it, but if I quit now I will always wonder if I would have made a good soldier. Not only is it about shit like that, but also The pride that I feel when I slip on my uniform and go out in public. Two little boys came up and asked to shake my hand, and thay are trying to stretch their hand to yours, and it berly covers your palm. Thats what real pride is, and there isn't another job in this world that gives you that kind of pride and satisfaction. I hope you understand why I am going to try and stay with what I am doing, and I always realize that you have my back."

Yes son, we do have your back. Get your times up, and don't forget to come home.

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