Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gods Law and Man

Please note this is my opinion and only my opinion.
I told Big Mike that gods law was written in the hearts of man according to my Bible.
I don't have the chapter and verse.... Read it yourself if needed.
I have thought about that verse and wondered the meaning. This is what it means to me.
Gods law is the tie that binds you to me and I to you. We have built a civilization upon it.
This is our conscience. We were born with it! It is our guide through this life. This doesn't mean that I will not do bad things, as any who know me know that I have. What it means is that I have thoughts and remorse for those things. This is written in my genetic code, as it is in most of your codes. There are some that do not have this bit of code, and are known as a sociopath. This now leads to race and its role in this. I believe that there are a higher incidence of people born deficient of conscience in some races. Before you go and label me a bigot which I am, think about the genetics. I remember a bad fight I had with my exwife where she pretty much beat me like a stepchild. It took me a few days to heal over this and then I went to get my measure of revenge. I grabbed her arm and then she yelled ouch! That was it for me, I left a beaten man.
The point is that I would never bring pain or harm to someone just because I could. We are not all created equal on this point I have tried to leave as small a footprint upon this earth as I could so as to not injure another. Don't get me wrong as those that know me will tell you. I can walk the walk, just prefer not to. Some individuals in history revel in the walk.

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