Sunday, July 03, 2005

Our Independence Day

Took the boat out last night to watch the fireworks displays. Two displays ten or fifteen miles apart. Turned on the radio and listened to the soundtrack that went with it. I began to reflect on the meaning of our independence. It all started with wanting to practice religion of choice without persecution, and that led to freedom.
Freedom for us, (I include Canada as well) is not the freedom from something, but the freedom to something. We have taken the freedom from and turned it into the freedom to............
The poor and the oppressed of this world have taken America to the top. It is the freedom to dream, and chase that dream that allows us to lead the world. It requires big dreamers to be able to move away from the known and start over. To chase those dreams means hard work, and lots of sweat and tears. Because we are examples of that freedom and work ethic, We don't fail in the missions we undertake. It will be interesting to see the changes in Iraq and Afghanistan when they have freedom to, also.

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