Saturday, July 30, 2005


I have now solved some of my computer problems with an updated version of Explorer. Yippeeee!
This means I now have spell check, and can post pics from my comp instead of doing the floppy disk shuffle. Most importantly, I have the recover post button so I might not lose my more creative garbage. I would like to say hello to a new reader of my blog. She is a neighbor and a very good friend. I do hope she comments here as I respect her opinions. I have had all kinds of problems this week with my daughter. The grand experiment of letting her be on her own has gone bad, and now she will be going back to her mothers house. She is very unhappy about this but it must be. Teenagers are so damn hard to deal with sometimes. I wish she would learn that there are consequences for her actions. A pic for Cat. More of our back yard.

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