Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Orleans

I have been watching the debate over whether to rebuild the city or not with much interest.
It seems to me that the answer is very simple. I have seen many things in my life, some that I wish I had never seen. Some things inspire me forever. Logic would tell us that no coastal city should be below sea level. Logic is right. Now for the other side of the coin.
New Orleans is far more than a place that is home for a few hundred thousand souls. It is the home of a type of culture that doesn't exist outside of that area. You can hear good jazz anywhere, but it sounds better in preservation hall! Always will. You can't hear good delta blues outside the delta, period! You gotta smell it and taste it! The food comes from what is available there. Won't work in New York. I offer you a simple analogy. I and many of you would pay good money for our friend Diane's art. Why? Because it speaks to our souls. (It should as it comes from her soul) The food the music, the very way of life speaks to my soul. If it doesn't speak to yours..........You weren't listening.

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