Monday, June 20, 2005

A Cooper Dog Adventure

Hi all! My name is Cooper Dog. I live on a big lake with Tom and Danelle. We have another dog named Reeses, and two cats. The oldest is Bam Bam, and the newest is Olivia. We are all rescues from one place or another. I like to meet the other animals in my neighborhood, some to eat! I am a dog after all.
One day I was out walking my beat, when I saw the strangest creature! It had two arms with pinchers on the ends. I barked and barked, but it wouldn't go away. I finally got tired of the game and tried to move it with my nose! Ouch! Now I know what pinchers can do! I yelled real loud and my Dad Tom came to see what was wrong. He picked up the creature and took it to the water and threw it in! "Now Cooper, don't play with crawdads" he said. I am a big dog, and very smart so I didn't listen to Dad. The water went away for a time, and the yard was full of those creatures. I saw some birds eating them so I decided to try. I found that I could grab them and throw them into the air a couple of times and then eat them. I once lived with my mom and a couple of siblings at a building called Cooper, that is how I got my name. My siblings were taken to the pound and killed because the vet thought he saw ringworm. I was rescued and brought home by my mother Danelle, who took me to another vet and got a differant diagnosis.(whew that is a big word for a dog!) I had to take cow medicine for 6 months but I got better. Another time I will tell you the story about me and the King Snake. Also the one about the Bees. I have lots of adventures too, like Indigo Red! Bye for now. (slobber) oops sorry!

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