Sunday, June 05, 2005

When Two Worlds Collide

I have been reading with some intrest the postings of Reza, and Kenneth, and others on ITM. We can attribute some of that noise to the fact that they are trolls... Lee C can and will argue both sides of an issue just to be arguing. I saw with intrest the marchers protesting the dessicration of the Koran. Then there is Kenneth telling Isreal to get out of Palistine, which was I believe Jordan.
I see the US military doing the heavy lifting even still in Iraq. I hate to be Captain Obvious but, this is a war of the worlds Ideologies. Not so much Christian versus Islam, but Islam versus everyone. The funny thing is if they left us alone we might collapse under our own apathy. Thanks for the wake up call. I wonder if they realy believe that they can defeat Isreal, even if we stayed out? It looks like a recipe for well nuked Islamofacist to me. I have a question for those people that I've not heard asked yet. If Allah realy is that great, why does he need you to kill for him?

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