Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who has your back?

I wonder how many of you have asked that question? I had to ask it recently, and the answers suprised me. I am a transplant to the south. My home is a thousand miles north of here. I am also a home body so I don't get out a lot. Spend most of my time with my wife and a few neighbors. On the morning that I awoke in jail, I went before the Judge and he made me get bonded. 1000 bucks. ten percent to the bonding agent. Someone had to put it up and sign for me, also provide an address where I could live. Also, no calls to cell phones.
After several hours of no information, I finaly got ahold of my ex boss...(only land line I could get answered) and he came to get me. It was several hours later when I got out. 8:30 pm
I had to walk to a gas station to get some money,( they take what you have) and call a number that my daughter put in my hand as I was put in the car. I started to explain who I was, and a voice said I'll see you in 5 min. Up came one of my daughters friends that I didn't aprove of, loads me into the car and hands me a cell phone with my kid on the other end. He takes me about 12 miles to the store where my daughter works.
When I get there another friend of hers tells me that my room is ready at his trailer, behind his moms house.
Two days later, the father of another friend of hers,(I had strong reservations about this man too)calls and says his daughter is leaving town for a while and he is going back to trucking, would I please stay at their apartment and watch their stuff. I went to thank my ex boss for trying to help, and he said. "I went to the jail and the woman I talked to said, man he sure has a lot of friends." I didn't know it but my bond had been payed as soon as it was set, by my neighbor. My wife called him first thing in the morning. When I went to pay him for the bond, he told me that my wife had already payed him. When I finaly got back here I found that I had been missed by my friends. Any way you slice it I am truly blessed, and am grateful.

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