Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bullies part two

I remember one of you mentioned the bully that talks behind everyone's back. I have now finished my tour of duty in Batesburg as a mechanic. It is time to get back to the big city, and finish my career. I worked for a small mom and pop outfit that sold tires and some mechanical services. Mom wasn't around much but had a big reputation in town as being mean and tough. Pop was a very gruff old man that drove his people with fear and a loud voice. Son was in charge one day a week and a manager the rest. The employee before me was a coke head that did very fast work, though not necessarily correct. They loved him. I came along, and wasn't as fast though still beating the book times that given our industry's pay. Old man came out and told me that he didn't think I knew what I was doing one day. I was taking to long to align a car. I offered him my wrench. He declined. One week the son asked me to drive a car and give an opinion. I drove the car, and couldn't make up my mind if there was a problem or not. He asked and I hemmed and hawwed. He accused me of being a smart mouth and threatened to send me home. I explained that I didn't deserve that treatment. He then went around and told everyone that I was this and that. He talks to everyone about everyone else. Eight months I put up with this crap, bills to pay and all that! This week I got my revenge. I left! I was polite, and worked hard right to the end. I was asked to reconsider, to have a beer," are you sure?". Yes I'm sure. I took with me a secret! There are three more leaving though without notice. They will have two left, none are mechanics. Reputation is bad so no local will work there for long. It is a shame, because I grew to like those two people for what they pretended to be. I am now back with people that think of me as family, and treat me accordingly.

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